Should my child be reading at 5?

Kindergarten (Age 5) – write some letters, numbers, and words. recognize some familiar words in print. predict what will happen next in a story. identify initial, final, and medial (middle) sounds in short words.

What is the average age for a child to start reading?

Experts say that most children learn to read by age 6 or 7, meaning first or second grade, and that some learn much earlier. However, a head start on reading doesn’t guarantee a child will stay ahead as they progress through school. Abilities tend to even out in later grades.

How many words should a 5 year old read?

Sight Words for 5 year old’s – When a child can read the 52 most common words in kindergarten level books, it makes reading easier and more fluent. Soon, they will move on to the top 100 sight words that they will be expected to learn.

What a child should know at age 5?

  • copy simple shapes with a pencil.
  • copy letters and write their own name.
  • say their full name, address, age and birthday.
  • draw more realistic pictures – for example, a person with a head with eyes, mouth and nose, and a body with arms and legs.
  • read simple picture books.

Where should my 5 year old be developmentally?

  • Your 5-year-old should be able to stand on one foot for about 10 seconds1.
  • They are mastering the art of climbing, swinging, and somersaulting1.
  • They should be able to use the potty on their own1.
  • They can hop, and may even be able to skip1.

What cognitive skills should a 5 year old have?

  • Know their address and phone number.
  • Recognize most letters of the alphabet.
  • Can count 10 or more objects.
  • Know the names of at least 4 colours.
  • Understand the basic concepts of time.
  • Know what household objects are used for, such as money, food, or appliances.


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