Should Persepolis be banned?

Persepolis is controversial because it has graphic scenes and is said to be unsuitable for children. Many places are banning it or debating on whether or not it should be allowed to read for those reasons. Along with controversy, there are many scenes in the novel that can be compared and contrasted.

Why would Persepolis be banned?

The reasons for the ban were initially unclear, which led the district CEO to send an email claiming that the book was intended to be removed only from classrooms due to “graphic language and images that are not appropriate for general use.” Fortunately, the book was approved for grade 11 classrooms.

Is Persepolis banned?

Persepolis remains banned from CPS classrooms below grade 8. As Chicago students themselves pointed out, the few panels in Persepolis depicting torture techniques that were used on Iranian dissidents are no more graphic than images encountered while studying other true events such as the Holocaust or slavery.

Is Persepolis controversial?

Although it was certainly controversial in the Middle East, there were no publicly reported challenges or bans of the book in U.S. schools or libraries until March 2013, when Chicago Public Schools administrators abruptly pulled it from some classrooms.

What is the role of education in Persepolis?

Lesson Summary – Throughout Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, education is an important theme. The main messages are that education is essential for a person to have true freedom, but also that institutionalized education cannot always be trusted.

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