Was Nabokov a genius?

Vladimir Nabokov was a literary genius. There is no other word with which to describe a writer who, in mid-life, became a stylistic virtuoso in a language that was not his mother tongue.

Who did Nabokov hate?

He hated Thomas Mann. And most interesting of all, he hated Dostoevsky. Nabokov is at his most provocative when he ranks the great Russians. Most of his own emotions, it seems, were poured into his worshipping of Tolstoy, on the one hand, and his vicious debunking of Dostoevsky, on the other.

Who did Nabokov read?

Brian Boyd also reports that Nabokov read Brooke, Housman, and de la Mare avidly during his first years at Cambridge (VNRY 171). See also the entry for Rupert Brooke. Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849), American poet, author, critic. Nabokov was thoroughly familiar with his entire oeuvre.

Did Vladimir Nabokov cheat on his wife?

The one known affair, and one that had briefly threatened the Nabokov marriage, was with Irina Guadanini, whom he met in Paris in 1936, and with whom he subsequently fell in love.

Who did Nabokov like?

  • Samuel Beckett – (but not his plays) “Beckett is the author of lovely novellas and wretched plays in the Maeterlinck tradition.
  • Andrei Bely – “Petersburg is a splendid fantasy”
  • Bergson.
  • Alexander Blok.
  • Robert Browning.
  • Lewis Carroll.
  • Anton Chekhov.
  • Norman Douglas.

Did Nabokov write speak memory in English?

First UK edition
AuthorVladimir Nabokov
PublisherVictor Gollancz (1951 UK)

What did Nabokov study at Cambridge?

While at Cambridge he first studied zoology but soon switched to French and Russian literature; he graduated with first-class honours in 1922 and subsequently wrote that his almost effortless attainment of this degree was “one of the very few ‘utilitarian’ sins on my conscience.” While still in England he continued to

When did Nabokov teach at Cornell?

Vladimir Nabokov was famous at Cornell, where he taught between 1948 and 1959, for a number of reasons.


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