What age range does Michael Morpurgo write for?

Michael Morpurgo is an English author who writes fantastic books for children aged about 10-14 years. His most famous book is War Horse which has been made into a play and now a movie.

Which Michael Morpurgo books are suitable for 8 year olds?

  • Shadow. Aman and his mother are living in a cave in war-torn Afghanistan when a sick, injured dog appears.
  • War Horse.
  • Waiting for Anya.
  • Private Peaceful.
  • An Elephant in the Garden.
  • Long Way Home.
  • Farm Boy.
  • Friend or Foe.

What age group is Kensuke’s Kingdom for?

We recommend to ages 9+ it is a great story and we really enjoyed it.

What genres does Michael Morpurgo write?

He mainly writes historical fiction, adventure and real-life based novels.

What are Michael Morpurgo’s hobbies?

Michael Morpurgo enjoys watching TV. He particularly likes documentaries. Michael set up the Farms for City Children project with his wife, Clare. It gives deprived urban children a chance to work on a farm and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors in the countryside.

Why was Morpurgo given the title children’s Laureate?

In 2003, Sir Michael Morpurgo became the third Children’s Laureate, a scheme he helped to establish with the late Poet Laureate Ted Hughes to reward a lifetime contribution to children’s literature and highlight the importance of the role of children’s books.


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