What books did Wilbur Smith write?

What is the order of Wilbur Smiths books?

  • A Falcon Flies 1860 (1980)
  • Men of Men 1870s–1890s (1981)
  • The Angels Weep 1st part 1890s, 2nd part 1977 (1982)
  • The Leopard Hunts in Darkness 1980s (1984)
  • The Triumph of the Sun 1884 (2005)
  • King of Kings 1887 (2019) (with Imogen Robertson)

What comes after a sparrow falls?

A Sparrow Falls 1918-1925 (First Series) Power of the Sword 1931-1948 (Second series) Courtney’s War 1939 (follows War Cry)

Should you read Wilbur Smith books in order?

Wilbur recommends reading the different series in the order in whiich they were written therefore we have a chronoligal listing of all the books showing what series they belong to.

Do you need to read the Courtney series in order?

Published since 1964 by Zambian-born author Wilbur Smith, The Courtney Series chronicle the lives of the Courtney family, from the 1860s through until 1987. The Courtney Series was not written chronologically.

Who is Wilbur Smiths wife?

Where do lions feed?

When the Lion Feeds (1964) is the debut novel of Rhodesian writer Wilbur Smith. It introduces the Courtney family, whose adventures Smith would tell in many subsequent novels. In 2012, Smith said the novel remained his favourite because it was his first to be published.


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