What comes after Feverborn?


Who does Mac end up with in the Fever series?

By the end of Shadowfever, Barrons and Mac have established their love for one another and have a somewhat stable relationship.

Who is Jericho Barrons in the Fever series?

Jericho Barrons is a character in the Fever Series. He is a bookstore owner, antiquities collector and not-quite human. He is hunting the Sinsar Dubh.

What is the fever TV?

The owner of a high-end matchmaking service creates her own profile, which sets off a chain reaction of obsession, betrayal, revenge, power, and murder, with the killer lurking somewhere wit

Is Kingdom of shadow and light the first book?

This is my review of ‘Kingdom of Shadow and Light’ – the final installment of Karen Marie Moning’s, ‘Fever Series’. I always feel a little numb after reading one of Ms. Moning’s books and KOSAL is no exception. She’s an expert world builder and a wordsmith who always finds a way to transport me.

Do you need to read Fever series in order?

The first 5 books may be read together as a COMPLETED series and should be read in order. It is one continuous story. Each book starts right where the previous one left off. And the SERIES ending is a HEA.


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