What disability does Chloe Brown have?

So, not disappointed in the slightest. Chloe Brown is an English Black woman, with her own website-building and SEO business, living with fibromyalgia. (I know from listening to interviews you’ve done that you have this same disability so I was very confident that Chloe’s experience was an authentic one.

What is Chloe Brown chronic illness?

Chloe has fibromyalgia and experiences chronic pain and insomnia. She developed symptoms of fibromyalgia in her 20s and Chloe now spends a large amount of her time managing the pain. Chloe was abandoned by her fiancé who dismissed her illness and her friends who have disappeared from her life over time.

Where is Get a Life, Chloe Brown set?

Chloe comes from a moneyed family in England with Jamaican roots, and though her family is a joy, it’s time to go. She settles into her own flat where she quickly crosses off “Do something bad.” It just so happens that the super in her building, Redford “Red” Morgan, is good-looking.

Is get a life Chloe Brown enemies to lovers?

Enemies to Lovers: Get a Life, Chloe Brown Book Review — Content Creation with Sarah Tulloch.

How many pages does get a life Chloe Brown have?

Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:11/05/2019
Series:Brown Sisters , #1

What does Chloe Brown have in Get a Life Chloe Brown?

Chloe Brown is chronically ill—after getting pneumonia years ago she has fibromyalgia and is always tired and sick. Though she’s close with her family, her illness has made it difficult to have a social life.

Who reads Get a Life, Chloe Brown?

Listening Length10 hours and 41 minutes
AuthorTalia Hibbert
NarratorAdjoa Andoh
Whispersync for VoiceReady
Audible.com Release DateNovember 05, 2019

How old is Chloe in Get a Life Chloe Brown?

This fun, loveable book centres on Chloe Brown, a thirty-something-year-old woman who has decided she needs to get a life! After a near-death accident causes Chloe to consider her life, she decides its time she moved out and actually started living!


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