What does Agatha Raisin look like in the books?

In Beaton’s 29 novels about the former public relations who opts for early retirement then moves to a small village in the Cotswolds in England, Agatha is described as “short, dumpy with dark hair” and hardly glamorous.

Does James come back in Agatha Raisin?

However, when she receives a letter from an old lady begging for protection, Agatha can’t help but spring into action. “Love, Lies and Liquor” – James has finally returned to Carsley and promised to whisk Agatha away on holiday where she can help him write his next book.

Who is James engaged to on Agatha Raisin?

Part 1. The stage is all set for the wedding of the year between James and his Welsh fiancee, Eirwen, but nothing ever goes to plan in Carsely.

Where is Agatha Raisin accent from?

Jensen’s Agatha is more complex than Beaton’s print version, with the actress adding a depth and vulnerability to the character. And while she’s from Birmingham in Beaton’s books, here she is from Scotland because, well, there’s no explaining away Jensen’s native Scottish accent.

What does Hamish Macbeth look like?

Hamish is tall and thin. He has hazel eyes and long eyelashes and fiery red hair.

Was MC Beaton a smoker?

Beaton gave up cigarettes only a year ago and misses them desperately, particularly when she’s writing. ‘I had chronic pulmonary disease and I thought if you gave up smoking it went away,’ she explains. ‘Turns out it doesn’t. ‘ Another rasp of laughter.


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