What does the paperweight symbolize in Station Eleven?

The paperweight, along with its peculiar journey, symbolizes human connection. It passes through the hands of many of the novel’s important characters. It originates withClark, who purchases it at a museum gift shop (which slightly foreshadows his role as curator of the Museum of Civilization).

What are the symbols in Station Eleven?

  • Station Eleven (motif) The Station Eleven graphic novel serves as a motif that crosses over from the pre-flu world to the post-flu world.
  • The Paperweight (symbol)
  • Shakespeare (motif)
  • The Letters to Victoria (motif)
  • Luli (motif)

What does the airplane symbolize in Station Eleven?

In the Severn City Airport, airplanes still symbolize civilization and its collapse, existing now only as repurposed homes or dark places for teenagers to sneak off to. But during and immediately following the collapse they also take on a symbolism of hope and despair.

Why does Kirsten keep the paperweight?

Kirsten likes the paperweight because she believes it is the most beautiful object she has ever seen, and she keeps the paperweight in her possession, despite it being dead weight and impractical in a post-apocalyptic environment.

What is a paperweight mean?

Definition of paperweight – : a usually small heavy object used to hold down loose papers (as on a desk)

Why is Station Eleven non linear?

Station Eleven’s narrative structure is multi-perspective, meaning that there isn’t necessarily one main character and instead of following one linear timeline this multi-perspective structure allows Mandel to explore not only one character’s life but the effect of one character’s life on others.

Who is the villain of Station 11?

The screen adaptation makes the Prophet into a more human but no less terrifying figure. In both versions, the Prophet is a grown-up Tyler Leander, who survives the pandemic with the rest of the Severn City Airport, but in the novel he’s as obsessed with the Bible as he is with the Station Eleven comic book.

What are paperweights made of?

Traditionally, everything inside the paperweight is also made of glass. Some paperweights and most of the ones in the Neustadter collection are made using millefiori canes or lampwork. Lampworking is a type of glasswork, where the glass is melted and then shaped using hand movements and instruments.

What does Arthur give Kirsten?

Kirsten Raymonde – She is a part of the production of King Lear starring Arthur Leander. She has a passion for acting and often spends time with Arthur. They share a bond and he gives her copies of Dr Eleven, a graphic novel created by his first wife Miranda.

How did Kirsten get Station Eleven?

Eleven, a man who lives on a defunct planetary space station. She later becomes a proficient businesswoman. Shortly before Arthur’s death, Miranda gives him two copies of the finally-completed graphic novel, which Arthur gives to his son, Tyler, and then-child Kirsten.

Who is Miranda in Station Eleven?

Miranda Carroll (Danielle Deadwyler) plays a big role in Station Eleven, given that she creates the comic from which the show and novel take their name. As well as being an artist, she is Arthur’s first wife.

What was lost in the collapse almost everything almost everyone but there is still such beauty?

“WHAT WAS LOST IN THE COLLAPSE: almost everything, almost everyone, but there is still such beauty. Twilight in the altered world, a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a parking lot in the mysteriously named town of St.

Why do Kirsten and August break into abandoned houses?

Kirsten and her friend August often loot abandoned houses for supplies. August was enamored with television before the collapse, so he searches the houses for issues of TV Guide.

What is more important than survival for the characters in Station Eleven?

What’s more, as the words of both the Traveling Symphony’s motto and of Kirsten’s second tattoo read, “survival is insufficient.” The novel argues that humans, to be human, must do more than just survive; they must live. It then offers art, ingenuity, and kindness as means of truly living.

What is the plot of Station Eleven?

Synopsis. An audacious, darkly glittering novel set in the eerie days of civilization s collapse, Station Eleven tells the spellbinding story of a Hollywood star, his would-be savior, and a nomadic group of actors roaming the scattered outposts of the Great Lakes region, risking everything for art and humanity.

What is the mood of Station Eleven?

The tone of Station Eleven is composed, tender, and melancholy, and it studiously avoids shock and dread.

What do Miranda and Arthur do on their third anniversary?

Arthur and Miranda celebrate their third wedding anniversary with a dinner party at their house in the Hollywood Hills. Miranda feels disconnected from the guests since all of them are involved in the film industry.

Why does Kirsten join the traveling symphony?

After her brother also dies, Kirsten joins the Traveling Symphony, a theater troupe that travels among the small post-collapse settlements of the Great Lakes area and performs music and Shakespeare plays.

What is the Museum of Civilization Station Eleven?

A community exhibition based on the novel Station Eleven” – A desire for art and culture endures even among the direst of circumstances. In the novel, the Museum of Civilization serves as a collection of cultural items for the young and nostalgic reminders of the past for the old.

What does the phrase survival is insufficient mean?

In the novel a motto was stated early on that “Because survival is insufficient” (Mandel, 58). The meaning behind this motto is that there must be purpose in life, that just simply surviving and living by the day without goals, hopes, and dreams is not enough to satisfy ones self.

What does the snow in Station Eleven symbolize?

Snow is a symbol of purity. Snow was used in the novel in times of post disease. It’s white cloak wraps the city in perfection. This has positive connotations as generally people are very excited when there is snow.

What does snow symbolize?

Snow is a popular symbolism in literature, and it’s widely used in many different meanings. It can symbolize purity, innocence, and frozen feelings. On the other hand, it can also symbolize death and sadness.

What is the metaphor in Station Eleven?

What is the metaphor of the Station Eleven comic books? In the comics, the people of the Undersea will never get home and never stop trying. This of course, is like The Travelling Symphony of “Station Eleven”. Also, neither the comics or the novel have a clear ending that kind of wraps everything up.

Is there an actual Station Eleven graphic novel?

At the heart of the show is a graphic novel, created in-world by a character named Miranda Carroll (played by the exemplary Danielle Deadwyler). Titled Station Eleven, this graphic novel binds key characters together and acts as a crucial through-line in its ten episodes.


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