What Dostoevsky books should I read?

  • Crime and Punishment (1866) The best way to get acquainted with Dostoyevsky is by reading Crime and Punishment.
  • The Idiot (1868)
  • Poor Folk (1846)
  • Demons (1871)
  • The Gambler (1866)
  • The Insulted and Humiliated (1861)
  • The Brothers Karamazov (1879)

What is Dostoevsky’s masterpiece?

Anyone who has read Fyodor Dostoevsky’s masterpiece Crime and Punishment can testify to the spooky exactitude of the novelist’s psychological insight and the haunting ways in which his characters act on some of humanity’s worst motivations.

What type of writer was Dostoyevsky?

Dostoyevsky is usually regarded as one of the finest novelists who ever lived. Literary modernism, existentialism, and various schools of psychology, theology, and literary criticism have been profoundly shaped by his ideas.

Is Crime and Punishment worth reading?

its also the Real greatest love story every told. Tanvi yes this book is much easier to read than many other classic fictions. I agree its good to start with. Jimena Morle No, it´s not so difficult, but try to read it everyday.

What is the best English translation of The Brothers Karamazov?

What’s the best Brothers Karamazov translation? The two most popular and well-known translations seem to be Garnett and Pevear & Volokhonsky. If you want a readable but foreign and period-sounding text, get one of the Garnett editions.


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