What genre of books is Normal People?

First edition cover
AuthorSally Rooney
GenreNovel (Romance)
Set inDublin and Carricklea, County Sligo

What style is Normal People written?

While the author could have divided the narrative into alternating first person points of view, vacillating between the two protagonists’ perspectives, she instead uses the third person to interweave their emotions, memories, and experiences.

What point of view is a normal person?

Normal People is narrated in close third person, alternating between Connell’s and Marianne’s perspective.

Is Normal People a romantic novel?

An adaptation of the 2018 Sally Rooney novel, “Normal People” tells the story of the on-again-off-again romantic relationship between two Irish college students, Connell and Marianne, who meet in high school and later attend Trinity College in Dublin together.

Is Normal People an explicit book?

This is much harder to represent on screen, so some of the thoughts and feelings that take place inside of Marianne and Connell’s heads in the book are made external through dialogue or more explicit emotional reaction.

Why did Connell and Marianne break up?

At the end of the series, Marianne encourages him to chase his dream in New York, and she stays in Dublin. Given that they break up half-way through the series because Connell can’t even ask his girlfriend if he can stay at her house for a few weeks over the summer, the odds don’t look good. Sorry!


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