What is a Supreme Magus?

Supreme Magus is a popular web novel written by the author Legion20 (Webnovel Profile) on Webnovel platform covering multiple fantasy genres. New chapters will be published in Webnovel.

Who is Solus in Supreme Magus?

According to Leegaain’s Soul Vision, Solus is a short young woman wearing a golden roman toga and sandals, the attire of Menadion’s apprentices that had been outdated for centuries. Her figure is wrapped in two kinds of chains.

What is fusion magic in Supreme Magus?

Fusion Magic is a branch of body enhancement magic that is available to true mages and Awakened.

Who wrote Supreme Magus?

Legion20 is the author of the Supreme Magus novel hosted on Webnovel.

Where did magus come from?

magus, plural Magi, member of an ancient Persian clan specializing in cultic activities. The name is the Latinized form of magoi (e.g., in Herodotus 1:101), the ancient Greek transliteration of the Iranian original. From it the word magic is derived.

Is the Magus a classic?

The Magus (1965) is a postmodern novel by British author John Fowles, telling the story of Nicholas Urfe, a young British graduate who is teaching English on a small Greek island.

Where is the Magus set?

‘The Magus’, it was believed, would be a huge success. Not only was the 1965 novel – a beguiling postmodern mystery, set on the fictional Greek island of Phraxos – beloved by readers, but the film version of Fowles’ debut novel The Collector, also released in 1965, had been a multi-Oscar-nominated smash hit.

What island is the Magus based on?

Written from the perspective of Nicholas Urfe, a young schoolteacher in the 1950s, the novel’s fictional “Phraxos”, based on the island of Spetses where Fowles taught in a boarding school in 1951 and 52, is different in character from my beloved Paros.

How many pages is the magus?

It’s peculiar, odd, strange, but it works, the 669 pages keep you glued for the most part..


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