What is an Elsewhere story?

Elsewhere is a fascinating story of what happens to people after death. Lizzie has died in a hit and run accident on her way to the mall. Only fifteen, Lizzie wakes on a boat and holds on to the idea that she is only dreaming because she cannot imagine dying so young.

What is the theme of Elsewhere?

The theme of this book is that even when things seem like you can never be happy again, or that you have lost everything, there will always be people that care enough to help you. In the book, Elizabeth feels that without the people back on earth, she will never feel happy again.

What is the meaning of the poem elsewhere?

Elsewhere is a poem about Walcott’s experience in America, as opposed to back in he Islands where he is from. He describes how much harsher living in America is, as opposed to back in Saint Lucia.

What might the horse represent in the poem elsewhere?

The horse represents someone who stands out from society and doesn’t feel like they fit in. The Horse runs freely but is trapped somewhere prison like and scary surrounded by barbed wire. The slave laborers working in the field watch the horse run freely while they are stuck working in their field.

What does elsewhere represent in the giver?

Elsewhere is a euphemism for death, as the community has no concept of death and therefore don’t know what happens when someone is released, such as the old or a newchild.


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