What is considered Virginia Woolf’s best book?

The Waves (1931) – The Waves is often considered Woolf’s masterpiece because of the unique style in which it is written, overstepping traditional genre boundaries and intertwining poetry and prose.

What book should I start with Virginia Woolf?

Mrs Dalloway, 1925 – Our first suggestion is to start with Mrs Dalloway, Woolf’s 1925 novel about a day in the life of high-society English woman Clarissa Dalloway.

What should I read if I like Virginia Woolf?

  • Joseph Conrad. 3,662 followers.
  • William Faulkner. Author of 562 books including The Sound and the Fury.
  • Sylvia Plath. Author of 206 books including The Bell Jar.
  • James Joyce. 7,186 followers.
  • Patricia Highsmith. 3,328 followers.
  • James Baldwin. 9,519 followers.
  • T.S. Eliot. 4,469 followers.
  • Jean Rhys. 1,064 followers.

What is the book Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf about?

It examines the complexities of the marriage of a middle-aged couple, Martha and George. Late one evening, after a university faculty party, they receive an unwitting younger couple, Nick and Honey, as guests, and draw them into their bitter and frustrated relationship.

How should one read a book by Virginia Woolf summary?

To read a book well, one should read it as if one were writing it. Begin not by sitting on the bench among the judges but by standing in the dock with the criminal. Be his fellow worker, become his accomplice. Even, if you wish merely to read books, begin by writing them.


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