What is considered young adults for books?

Middle-grade fiction refers to books written for readers between the ages of 8 and 12, while young adult fiction refers to books written for readers roughly between the ages of 12 and 18.

What does young adults mean in books?

For a book to fall firmly into the ‘young adult’ category, it must have at least one teenage protagonist, usually aged in the upper teens – between 15 and 19 years old. (Protagonists that fall towards the lower end of the teens tend to be more common in middle-grade fiction – a different category entirely.)

What age range is young adults?

Across theories and research frameworks, a sequence of developmental shifts emerges, which can be organized into three overall categories: Adolescence (generally defined as puberty through age 18) Young adulthood (generally defined as 18 to 22 or 18 to 25) Later adulthood (generally defined as mid-20s and older)

What’s the difference between YA and Na?

New adult (NA) fiction is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–30 age bracket. St. Martin’s Press first coined the term in 2009, when they held a special call for “fiction similar to young adult fiction (YA) that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of an ‘older YA’ or ‘new adult'”.

Is Harry Potter a young adults book?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone is not a YA novel. It’s middle-grade, meaning it’s for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

Is Throne of Glass A YA?

Throne of Glass is an award-winning YA series, full of drama, action and romance. The books follow Celaena Sardothien, a beautiful but deadly teenage assassin in the corrupt kingdom of Adarlan. Celaena is eighteen and serving a life sentence in the dark salt mines of Endovier when she is offered a deal.

Is Hunger Games a young adult?

The Hunger Games is a series of young adult dystopian novels written by American author Suzanne Collins. The first three novels are part of a trilogy following teenage protagonist Katniss Everdeen, and the fourth book is a prequel set 64 years before the original.

What is a middle grade reader?

For a book described as “middle grade,” publishers, librarians, booksellers, and teachers widely embrace the basic definition: books intended for readers eight to 12 years old.

What age is middle grade books?

Most middle grade books are designated by publishers for ages eight to 12, while middle school students range in age from 10 to 15.

Is Percy Jackson middle grade?

Examples of middle grade fiction include Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and the early Harry Potter books.

Can ya books have curse words?

If you’re writing for young children, then bad language is just not okay. When it comes to writing for Young Adults, swearing is allowed, so long as the themes of your novel demand it and you’re writing for the more mature YA audience (that is, one likely to be making its own book selections).

What is the difference between middle grade and YA?

Generally, a middle grade book has a main character that’s 9-12 years old, while in YA the protagonist can be anywhere from 14-18. (Claire Legrand, who writes both MG and YA books, recommends avoiding writing a 13-year-old main character as publishers aren’t sure what to do with that.)

Is Dune a YA novel?

Dune. With a massive cult following, Dune is easily one of the most popular science fiction novels ever published. But it’s also a great novel for teens, thanks to its teenage protagonist.

Can adults read middle grade books?

I really wish more adults would read middle grade books. It doesn’t have to become the bulk of your reading life, but I definitely recommend dipping your toes in now and again because there’s so many beautiful stories, and middle grade writers and authors working so hard, creating such amazing stories for every genre.

Is young adult a genre?

Young Adult Literature is a genre that is separate from Children’s Literature.

Do young adult books sell well?

The YA Book Marketplace – But the percentage of growth in sales numbers for YA far exceeds the percentage growth in the young adult e-book sales, which showed a dramatic overall increase. In other words, the Young Adult book market is thriving.

What is the word count for a middle grade novel?

Broadly, middle grade books tend to run between 20,000-50,000 words, but word count varies—Charlotte’s Web is 32,000 words, and the first Harry Potter book is nearly 77,000 (and they go up from there).

What age is junior fiction?

When writing for children, the most fundamental aspect of determining your reader comes down to their age. There’s some scope and variation here, because these categories are all largely marketing concepts, but a commonly cited guideline is that Junior Fiction is for readers 5 to 9 years, extending to 12 years.

Is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire middle grade?

There is no romance in the book. Harry’s much more concerned with safety and family. At 76,944 words, the book is a little long for middle-grade, but, again, the rules listed above are not hard and fast ones.

What is the hardest Harry Potter book to read?

Readers caught up to the book’s difficulty. The hardest of the books to read is the fourth: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This book is at a reading level of 9.2, and in it, Harry is in the equivalent to 9th grade.

What grades are middle grades?

The middle grades consist of early-adolescent students, ten to fourteen years of age, generally in grades six to eight.

Can adults read YA novels?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons YA has become widely-read by adults: these books are now part of mainstream culture, and adults simply know about them (and choose to read them). The authors also say “…YA works have increasingly been embraced by adult readers, adult movie goers, educators, and literary critics.


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