What is Cormac McCarthy’s most popular book?

While Blood Meridian is widely considered McCarthy’s greatest work, The Road has been recognised as a classic in its own right, particularly within post-apocalyptic fiction. In the aftermath of an unexplained global catastrophe, an unnamed man and his son trek through the burnt landscape that was once America.

What was Cormac McCarthy famous for?

Cormac McCarthy, byname of Charles McCarthy, Jr., (born July 20, 1933, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.), American writer in the Southern gothic tradition whose novels about wayward characters in the rural American South and Southwest are noted for their dark violence, dense prose, and stylistic complexity.

Is Blood Meridian a difficult book?

So yes, his stuff is hard to read, and Blood Meridian is a very difficult text for that reason. At the same time, it’s not a gratuitous representation of violence. He does it for a reason, and he does it in a way that works.

How does The Road end book?

The novel ends with the boy welcomed into a new family in this new world that he must learn to inhabit. The question of his future, and the future of humanity remains. The boy talks with the woman about God, and he admits to the woman that it’s easier for him to talk to his father instead of to God.

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