What is dystopian young adult literature?

Dystopian fiction for young adults describes protagonists who reach a realization about their role in the larger society: they come to see themselves as agents.

What defines dystopian literature?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a dystopia is “An imaginary place or condition in which everything is as bad as possible.” The easiest way to think about Dystopian Literature and dystopias is to consider that a dystopia is often the result of a society’s arranging its government and laws around good

What are five characteristics of dystopian literature?

Characteristics of a Dystopian Society – Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted/ censored. A figurehead or concept is worshipped by the citizens of the society. Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance. Citizens have a fear of the outside world.

What is dystopia example?

Common Examples of Dystopia. There have been real examples of dystopias in history, such as Nazi Germany. Cults such as the Branch Davidians and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints also qualify as dystopias due to brainwashing and their attempt to create a “perfect” society.

What are the main themes of dystopian literature?

  • Environmental disasters. Cli-fi (climate science fiction) Disease.
  • Government control. Typically with divisions within society including class, intelligent, abilities, etc.
  • Technology Control. Robots.
  • Elements of Survival.
  • Religious control.
  • Loss of individualism.

Why do young adults like dystopian novels?

Teenagers like to read dystopian fiction because it’s exciting. It all comes down to the story. The story comes first, and the setting – extraordinary though it may be – is of secondary importance. For the most part, dystopian fiction owes more to myth and fairytale than science fiction.

Why do you think dystopian literature is such a popular trend among today’s young adults?

Why do YOU think dystopian literature is such a popular trend among today’s young adults? Possible thoughts: action/adventure is appealing, main characters are often teens, main characters are rebelling against authority, which is appealing to teens.

What was the first young adult dystopian novel?

A Wrinkle in Time and House of Stairs were dystopian-adjacent. For most YA readers, The Giver was the book that started it all. The Giver was one of the first YA books that presented a false utopia and also features a young protagonist. In the twenty years since The Giver, YA dystopian literature has changed a lot.

What influenced dystopian literature?

1920s & 30s: Defining The Genre. Perhaps it makes sense that the modern dystopian novel emerged at the turn of the 20th century. It was a time of political unrest and global anxiety, with two world wars awaiting in the near future.

How did dystopian literature come about?

History of dystopian fiction. The history of dystopian literature can be traced back to the reaction to the French Revolution of 1789 and the prospect that mob rule would produce dictatorship. Until the late 20th century, it was usually anti-collectivist. Dystopian fiction emerged as a response to the utopian.

Why is dystopian literature so important?

Dystopian literature can be seen as a tool to educate the younger generations and therefore make them more responsive to political issues, and with the huge access to information from social media for example, this may be likely. The Hunger Games, for example has twelve districts, all differing in wealth.


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