What is Mexican Gothic based off of?

The direct inspiration for this novel was a real town in Mexico that is located in kind of the middle part of the country in the mountains. It’s called Real del Monte or Mineral del Monte. It was mined by the Spanish first, and then in the 1800s, the British came and they started mining there.

What is the main theme of Mexican Gothic?

“MEXICAN GOTHIC is a pitch-perfect Gothic novel.” “Moreno-Garcia weaves elements of Mexican folklore with themes of decay, sacrifice, and rebirth, casting a dark spell all the way to the visceral and heart-pounding finale.”

What era does Mexican Gothic take place?

Set in a remote mining town in 1950s Mexico, at first blush, Mexican Gothic doesn’t seem like the ideal setting for a traditional gothic tale. However, Moreno-Garcia expertly creates a cloying, dreary, and ghastly ambiance.

What is the conflict of Mexican Gothic?

Noemí instantly falls into conflict with Catalina’s husband Virgil, the Doyle heir, over her desire to have Catalina evaluated by a psychiatrist, though Virgil grudgingly agrees to her demands. However, Noemí does find kindness and companionship in Francis, Florence’s son.

Is Mexican Gothic dark academia?

It combines all my favourite elements of gothic suspense but brings the genre into the modern age with glimpses of horror and dark academia. It is the book I am going to gift to pretty much everyone I know because I adored this so much.


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