What is Puritan literature?

Puritan literature is the result of this movement and lifestyle. Much of it is in the form of letters and journals written by Puritans regarding their experiences. Puritan writing is primarily made up of sermons, poetry, and historical narratives, but Puritan writers created very little fiction.

What are the key elements of Puritan literature?

  • diary entries.
  • biblical allusions.
  • simplistic writing style–no imagery or figures of speech.
  • certain in their beliefs.
  • many small details.
  • historical accounts.
  • purpose of writing is to document history and reveal the glory of God.
  • long sentences, very plain.

Why is Puritan literature important?

Puritans understood that and undertook it with a goal of honoring God and the Bible through their work. Not surprisingly, authors of Puritan literature were deeply religious and wrote in such a way to make God became easier for everyone to understand and more relevant in their day-to-day lives.

What is Puritan style of writing?

Scholarly Definition: The Puritan Plain Style is a type of writing in which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are used to make simple, direct statements. This style was favored by the Puritans who wanted to express themselves clearly, in accordance with their religious beliefs.

What are 2 types of literature used by Puritans?

Literature. Puritans placed a high value upon personal Bible study and consequently highly valued literacy. They produced a significant collection of literature themselves in three main genres: sermons, diaries, and poetry.

What is the theme of Puritan literature?

Puritans lived a simple life based on the concepts of humility and simplicity. This influence comes from their religious beliefs and the Bible. Wearing elaborate clothing or having conceited thoughts offended Puritans. Puritan writing mimics these cultural values in its plain writing style.

When was Puritan literature written?

Puritan Literature 1620-1728. Puritans’ religious beliefs affected their lives on all levels, and their writing illustrated their religion’s values, such as the importance of the church and the influence of God in their lives.

What is an example of Puritan literature?

Some of the more well-known include John Milton, Anne Bradstreet, Cotton Mather, and William Bradford. John Milton is most famous for his poem, Paradise Lost; the 10-volume work recounts the story of Adam and Eve’s sin and how they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.

What is the Puritan period?

Puritanism, a religious reform movement in the late 16th and 17th centuries that sought to “purify” the Church of England of remnants of the Roman Catholic “popery” that the Puritans claimed had been retained after the religious settlement reached early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

What do you mean by Puritan?

1 capitalized : a member of a 16th and 17th century Protestant group in England and New England opposing formal customs of the Church of England. 2 : a person who practices, preaches, or follows a stricter moral code than most people. More from Merriam-Webster on puritan.

What religion are Puritans?

The Puritans were English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to purify the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices, maintaining that the Church of England had not been fully reformed and should become more Protestant.

What was the primary objective of the Puritans?

The Puritans were Protestant reformers who originated in England. Later they spread to the American colonies of New England. Their goal was to “purify” religion and politics of corruption. They were first called Puritans by their enemies.

What was the origins of the term Puritan?

c. 1200, purite, “freedom from moral contamination, sinlessness, innocence; righteousness; chastity,” from Old French purete “simple truth,” earlier purte (12c., Modern French. From mid-15c. as “freedom from admixture or adulteration.” See more.

How did Puritanism start?

Puritanism first emerged in the 16th and 17th centuries in England as a movement to remove all vestiges of Catholicism from the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church first separated from Catholicism in 1534, but when Queen Mary took the throne in 1553, she reverted it to Catholicism.

What language did Puritans speak?

The Puritans were English, at least initially, and so almost all of them spoke English. By the 17th century, the English language was fundamentally


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