What is reverse harem romance?

The reverse harem novel stands apart from other romance novels due to many of its basic characteristics, the most obvious of which is the makeup of the main characters. Just as a harem is made up of one man with multiple women, a reverse harem consists of one female protagonist and three or more male love interests.

What does reverse harem romance mean?

A harem is typically considered a group where there is one male with several female members of his household or poly relationship. These are considered reverse harem books because it is the woman who is surrounded by a group of men.

Can a harem be male?

For example, when a girl (yuri) or a guy (hetero) is getting attention from a group of women, this is called a ‘male harem’ or sometimes people call it seraglios, which is a Turkish term meaning the place (usually apartments) where a man keeps his wives or concubines.

Why are reverse-harems popular?

Reverse-harems are a popular subgenre of romance that stars a female lead surrounded by male characters of different personality types. As the men compete for the lead’s love and affection, reverse-harems deliberately appeal to viewers through romantic tropes and favorable characters.

Is kamisama kiss reverse harem?

Kamisama Kiss isn’t really a reverse harem at all. The main focus is with Nanami and Tomoe, yes, Mizuki and Kurama seem to like Nanami as well but the story mainly follows Tomoe and Nanami.

Why are there so many harem anime?

Harem stories allow modern viewers to indulge traditional Japanese gender role fantasies. Multiple girls vying for attention amplifies this traditional gender role fantasy. Of course, this depends on the story too.

Why is it called a reverse harem?

Simply put, Reverse Harem, also known as RH, is a romance story that involves multiple love interests of 3 or more men. Yup.. a Harem. It’s reverse because it is focused on men instead of women as part of the group. You get the picture.

What are male harems called?

Noun. reverse harem (plural reverse harems) A group of someone’s boyfriends and/or husbands in a polygamous household.

What is the purpose of a harem?

Although usually associated in Western thought with Muslim practices, harems are known to have existed in the pre-Islamic civilizations of the Middle East; there the harem served as the secure, private quarters of women who nonetheless played various roles in public life.


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