What is Terry Pratchett’s best selling book?

  • #1. The Wee Free Men: (Discworld Novel 30) (Discworld series)
  • #2. Dragons at Crumbling Castle: And Other Stories.
  • #3. A Hat Full of Sky: (Discworld Novel 32) (Discworld series)
  • #4. The Shepherd’s Crown: A Discworld Novel, Volume 41 (Discworld Novels)
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What is Terry Pratchetts best selling book?

Sir Terry Pratchett OBE
GenreComic fantasy, Satire, Science-fiction
Notable worksDiscworld Good Omens
Notable awardsKnight Bachelor (2009) OBE (1998)
SpouseLyn Purves ​ ( m. 1968)​

What makes Discworld so good?

The books may have begun as a clever deconstruction of the clichés of fantasy fiction, but they soon became something better: satisfying and witty moral comedies about human society and its frailties. Which is why Pratchett counts among his fans the novelist of ideas par excellence A.S. Byatt.

When was good omens written?

First edition cover
AuthorTerry Pratchett Neil Gaiman
Publication date10 May 1990
Media typePrint (hardcover, paperback)

Are Terry Pratchett books on audible?

To celebrate 50 years of Terry Pratchett, we’re releasing 40 magnificent new recordings of the bestselling series in audio.

How do I start Terry Pratchett Reddit?

For me, Guards Guards is the best starting point by far. I think he wrote his best characters in the guards series. I started with Going Postal and for what it’s worth I reckon it’s a good place to begin!

What is Terry Pratchett’s writing style?

Pratchett’s writing style is economical, elegant and adventurous. In The Truth, he takes the same approach to chapters as Joyce takes to punctuation in the final chapter of Ulysses (1918): he doesn’t use any.

How can I write like Terry Pratchett?

Write first, plan second – While Terry Pratchett would have a rough plan, it was usually only loose in nature and he didn’t let that stop him from putting pen to paper. I just let it run, because you can always rewrite, check things, find the right way to say things. If you sit and plan, you get stuck in the planning.

How many Discworld books are there?

In total, there are 41 Discworld novels published over 32 years. The books can be read in any order but for ease we have created two downloadable lists for you that will help you to fully explore the stories and characters of Discworld.

How did Terry Pratchett write so much?

Pratchett is one of those authors who doesn’t believe in writer’s block, and his advice to those struggling to finish a project is mostly to sit back down and keep writing. There are times in life when people must know when not to let go.

How would you describe Discworld?

It was a strange, magical, flat world, populated by wizards, dwarfs and trolls, replete with dragons and barbarian heroes. In turn, this world was perched atop four enormous elephants, themselves standing atop a giant star-turtle swimming through the galactic void.

What was Terry Pratchett’s first book?

Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 and had his first story published when he was just thirteen. After leaving school at seventeen to become a journalist he continued writing, publishing his first novel, The Carpet People, in 1971 and going on to produce the phenomenally successful Discworld series.

Did Terry Pratchett forge his own sword?

When Terry Pratchett was knighted, he forged his own sword out of meteorite.

What does Terry Pratchett think about euthanasia?

He says he believes it’s acceptable to have an assisted death if you’re suffering from a terminal disease, but not if you’re depressed. “I’ve often felt depressed, everyone feels depressed,” he says. As for his own life, Pratchett says he hasn’t yet made a decision as to whether he wants an assisted death.


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