What is the 15th Jack Reacher book?

Worth Dying For is the fifteenth book in the Jack Reacher series of thrillers written by Lee Child. It was published on 30 September 2010 in the United Kingdom and was published on 19 October 2010 in the USA.

Is there a sequel to 61 hours?

One Shot

How did Jack Reacher break his nose?

Reacher then challenges the Cornhusker to a fight, which Reacher wins easily, breaking the Cornhusker’s nose in the process. The Italians kill the final Iranian as he interrogates the Duncans (having concluded that they murdered his partner after finding him in Seth’s car) and leave to collect Reacher.

Is Joe Reacher still alive?

Appearances. Killing Floor – Joe is killed prior to the events of the book.

Is Lee Child still writing?

In January 2020, Child announced that he would be retiring from writing the Jack Reacher book series, and hand it to his brother Andrew Grant, who would write further books of the series under the surname Child. He intended to write the next few books together with Grant before passing the series entirely over to him.

What is worth dying for meaning?

When we talk about things worth dying for, we’re really talking about the things worth living for, the things that give life beauty and meaning. Thinking a little about our mortality puts the world in perspective.

Will there be a Reacher season two?

Reacher season two was confirmed by Prime Video shortly after the first season proved to be a hit for the streaming service. After a brief hiatus following Tom Cruise’s take on the role, the series brought Lee Child’s Jack Reacher back to our screens.

How did Jack Reacher survive the end of 61 hours?

Reacher was (smart and) probably a little lucky and he ended up being in the right place at the right time and was inside the structure at the time of explosion and therefore protected by the structure.

Is the Jack Reacher series over?

Amazon Prime Video has renewed the Reacher TV series for a second season just days after the series’ launch. Based on Lee Child’s Killing Floor novel, the Reacher TV show follows veteran military police investigator Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) who has just recently entered civilian life.


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