What is the best audio book reader?

Who is the best reader of audiobooks?

  1. George Guidall. George Guidall has narrated over 1,300 audiobooks, including many of the longest-running mystery and thriller series.
  2. Scott Brick. Image from Wikimedia Commons.
  3. Jim Dale.
  4. Jeremy Irons.
  5. Julia Whelan.
  6. Cassandra Campbell.
  7. Toni Morrison.
  8. Frank Muller.

What is the best device to use for Audible books?

No doubt Apple iPod Touch is considered to be one of the best mp3 player for audiobooks. This works so much like that of a smartphone. You can access several applications for your audiobook like OverDrive, Audible, Librivox, and a lot more. This device also allows you to download audiobooks over the Internet thru WiFi.

Does Audible and Kindle work together?

Yes. Any Audible audiobook with a Whispersync for Voice Kindle eBook companion can be played using the Kindle app. You must own the matching audiobook and Kindle eBook pair for this functionality to be available. You can browse a full list of Kindle eBooks with audiobook companions here.

What is the best way to listen to books on audio?

  1. Audible.
  2. Google Audiobooks.
  3. Librivox.
  4. Kobo Audiobooks.
  5. Downpour.

What app has the most audiobooks?

Audible. Audible is the biggest and most well-known audiobook subscription. They have been around for a long time and are part of Amazon. So they can afford to offer their members benefits that other audiobook apps can’t give you.

Is there a free app for listening to books?

The LibriVox AudioBook app makes it easy to search the LibriVox catalog of free audio books. You can browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by key word. Because the books are free, you can listen to as much or as little of a book as you like with no cost.

What is the best talking book app?

  • Audible. Audible is one of the best audiobook apps out there with an excellent collection of over 470,000 titles to choose from.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Serial Box.
  • Smart Audiobook Player.
  • Google Play Books.
  • Sirin.
  • Spotify.
  • Voice Audiobook Player.


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