What is the last book by Michael Connelly?

Appearance in the following novels: Nine Dragons (2009), The Crossing (2015), The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (2016), Two Kinds Of Truth (2017), and The Night Fire (2019), and a very brief part in Desert Star (November 2022).

What was the last Bosch book?

Hardcover edition
AuthorMichael Connelly
SeriesHarry Bosch, #4
GenreCrime novel

What is the order of books written by Michael Connelly?

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
  • The Brass Verdict (2008)
  • The Reversal (2010)
  • The Fifth Witness (2011)
  • The Gods of Guilt (2013)
  • The Law of Innocence (2020)

Will there be a new Harry Bosch book?

Coming out in November 2022 will be a Ballard and Bosch story that is a direct sequel to THE DARK HOURS but with Harry Bosch in the lead role. We’ll share more about this next book in the new year. Can’t wait!

What is Michael Connelly’s next book?

Desert Star (November 8, 2022)

Is Bosch season 7 the last?

There will not be a Season 8 of Bosch. After its seventh season, the show came to an end. Well, don’t worry; the story of Bosch character is far from over. “I shudder to call it a spinoff because it’s really not; it’s just the continuing saga of Harry Bosch.” Welliver recently informed Entertainment Weekly about it.

How does Bosch series end?

Season 7 ends, truly ends, with Bosch applying for his license to become a state-licensed private investigator. In a nod to the many run-ins he’s had with the FBI over the years, the clerk taking his paperwork explains that the FBI will have to do a background check before he can officially proceed.

Is the Bosch series finished?

There is good news for fans of Bosch: Legacy—Season 2 is officially happening. Amazon announced Bosch: Legacy would return for a Season 2 ahead of the Season 1 premiere in May 2022.

When did Bosch season 7 come out?

When did Bosch Season 7 premiere? Though new seasons of Bosch typically premiere in April, the final season premiered on Amazon Prime on Friday, June 25.


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