What is the latest edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature?

The most trusted anthology for complete works and helpful editorial apparatus. The Tenth Edition supports survey and period courses with NEW complete major works, NEW contemporary writers, and dynamic and easy-to-access digital resources.

How many volumes of Norton Anthology of English literature are there?

This anthology has three volumes which cover the British literature from the Middle Ages, the Sixteenth century, the Early Seventeenth century and the Restoration and the Eighteenth century.

How do I cite the Norton Anthology of English Literature 9th edition?

Cite Your Sources in MLA format. Format: Author. “Title of Poem.” The Norton Anthology of American Literature, edited by Robert S. Levine, 9th ed., W. W. Norton, 2016, page range of poem.

What stories are in the Norton anthology?

  • I want to know why.
  • Rape fantasies.
  • My first goose.
  • Sonny’s blues.
  • A passion in the desert.
  • Janus.
  • Leaving the yellow house.
  • An occurence at Owl Creek Bridge.

How do you cite Norton anthology?

Anthology or Edited Book – In-Text Citation Format: (Editor’s or Editors’ Last Name(s) Page Number). Example: Mays, Kelly J., editor. The Norton Introduction to Literature. Shorter 12th ed., W.W. Norton, 2016.

Who propounded the concept of world literature?

The term “world literature” was first used by the German writer and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, referring to the dissemination of literature from and to countries across the globe.

What year was the Norton Anthology of English Literature 10th edition published?

June 2004

When was Norton Anthology 9th edition published?

The ninth edition was released in 2012, marking 50 years of the anthology’s existence.

Who is the author of The Norton anthology American Literature 9th edition?

The Norton Anthology of American Literature: Levine, Robert S., Elliott, Michael A., Gustafson, Sandra M., Hungerford, Amy, Loeffelholz, Mary: 9780393264548: Books – Amazon.

Who wrote the Norton Anthology of American Literature 9th edition?

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Shorter Ninth Edition: Two-Volume Set / Edition 9 by Robert S. Levine | 9780393264517 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble

Who is the author of The Norton anthology American literature?

Amazon.com: The Norton Anthology of American Literature: 9780393264531: Levine, Robert S.: Books.

How many Norton Anthologies are there?

Norton Anthologies (14 books)

How many pages is the Norton anthology?

Number of pages:512

What is anthology in English literature?

“In literature, an anthology is a series of works collected into a single volume, usually with a unifying theme or subject. These works could be short stories, essays, poems, lyrics, or plays, and they are usually selected by an editor or a small editorial board.


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