What is the main theme of Exit West?

Mortality. Despite the amount of violence in the novel, the theme of the commonality of mortality generally showcases the natural inevitability of death and treats it as a sign of both the commonalities of humanity and the preciousness of life.

What does the title Exit West mean?

The title is a double entendre: Refugees are exiting for the West — exit, stage left — and the West as an idea and an ideal is disappearing (exit the West).

What is the main conflict in Exit West?

major conflictThe major conflict concerns lovers Saeed and Nadia travelling through a mysterious magic door to escape their war-torn city and becoming refugees, the stress of which tests their relationship. rising actionSaeed and Nadia meet and date in an increasingly unstable city.

Why is the city in Exit West unnamed?

I think that, for me, the nameless city partly was because I didn’t want to name it Lahore, where I live, because something terrible happens to that city. And it would have broken my heart to do it to my own city.

In what ways do Nadia and Saeed migrate in the context of their own relationship?

Saeed and Nadia’s migration begins when they are forced to leave their unidentified city. While their initial departure is about finding safety, Saeed and Nadia struggle to find their respective home-places over the course of the novel.

What does the door symbolize in Exit West?

The Doors. The magic doors that allow passage to new places represent a breaking down of borders and the freedom, hope, and fear that comes with that. For those fleeing impoverished and war-torn countries, the doors represent the hope of a new life.

What is the plot of Exit West?

Exit West tells the story of Saeed and Nadia, who meet and fall in love as their country breaks out in a civil war. After discovering that magic doors are popping up throughout their city that could transport them to a different country, the couple decide to leave their home and forge a new life together.

What is magical realism in Exit West?

Magical realism seeks to expose what is absurd about the banal and what is banal about the absurd. Though hailing from quite a different context, Mohsin Hamid does precisely that in Exit West. The land-transcending portals are, of course, a metaphor for mass immigration.

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