What is the meaning of the book title The Giver of Stars?

The novel’s title, The Giver of Stars, comes from a poem by Amy Lowell, which Fred shares with Alice in Chapter 9. The poem speaks of both the rest and the excitement that a person finds while spending time with a lover.

What is the theme of The Giver of Stars?

The Giver of Stars is a lesson in valuing our connection with others, and finding love in the most unexpected of places. Based on the real-life stories of the WPA Packhorse Librarians, The Giver of Stars is a remarkable modern classic, Jojo Moyes at her most enthralling, romantic, and page-turning best.

Why do you think the giver finally decided that things must change?

Why do you think the Giver finally decided that “things must change”? Sharing memories with Jonas made the Giver feel less alone and less hopeless. Telling the truth about Rosemary seems to have made the Giver less willing to risk any more tragedies like hers.

What is the plot of The Giver of Stars?

Set in a small Kentucky town in Depression-era America, the novel details the lives of five women who become traveling librarians, delivering books to the people of Kentucky. The story follows Alice Wright, a British woman, who moves after marrying the Kentucky native Bennett Van Cleve.

What does the end of the giver mean?

The Giver ends with Jonas’s rejection of his community’s ideal of Sameness. He decides to rescue Gabriel and escape the community, and they grow steadily weaker as they travel through an unfamiliar wintery landscape.

Was Verna McCullough pregnant?

Then the library women are able to make contact with Clem’s daughter, Verna McCullough. She is heavily pregnant and was obviously both physically and sexually abused by her father. She testifies that her father was returning the library book when he died, making his death appear to be more of an accident than homicide.

What happens at the end of The Giver of Stars?

Frustrated and unable to convince Alice to come back, Mr. Van Cleve shoots Margery’s dog and tries to get the library shut down. Then, a flood happens and the librarians help to save the day. In the aftermath, Margery tells her loving boyfriend, Sven, that she is pregnant.

Is The Giver of Stars about blue people?

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek delves more into the plight of the Blue People of Kentucky while Giver of Stars is more focused on WPA pack mule library program with an aside to the Blue People.


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