What is the message of Beloved by Toni Morrison?

The principal message of Toni Morrison, in her novel Beloved, is that the past should not be an impediment to the present. Slavery is an institution that dominates the past of America, and represents the horror from which the modern nation wishes to rise above.

What does the ending of Beloved mean?

If anything is clear at the end of the novel, it’s that Beloved is no more, or at least, is no longer Beloved. Beloved becomes “disremembered and unaccounted for,” just a “bad dream” in the lives of those involved (323). In fact, she loses her name, likely indicating that all the love for her has vanished.

How is love destructive in Beloved?

This destructive love is shown at the beginning of the novel where Sethe’s, the novel’s main protagonist, strong love for her daughter, Beloved, prompts her to murder her daughter as an act of protection from slavery, which in turn destroys Sethe’s well-being near the end of the novel because of her guilt.

Why does Morrison choose this particular way of telling Sethe’s story?

The fact that Morrison chooses to tell Sethe’s story indirectly does not minimize her pain, or the ability of the reader to sympathize with Sethe’s experiences. Response #6: Some events are too horrible to fully understand without experienceing them first-hand.


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