What is the message of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter?

The Memory Keepers Daughter is all about being truthful because if not, others may take things the wrong way or have the wrong impression. In the story, Dr. David Henry gives away his daughter, Pheobe, with down-syndrome at birth, and explains to his wife that she was still-born.

What is the theme of The Memory Keeper’s daughter?

Edwards takes on many themes in this novel, including the burden of secrets, the loneliness of a disintegrating marriage, the heartache and triumph of raising children—and, most pointedly, the need for developmentally disabled children to feel accepted by society.

Is The Memory Keeper’s Daughter based on a true story?

Despite the idea being based on a true story, the novel begins in 1964, not 1934, and Henry is a doctor, not the impoverished farmer his father was.

What happens at the end of the memory keeper daughter?

In the final chapter, Norah gets married to a man named Frederic. They plan to move to France, where Phoebe and Paul will visit them for a little while.

What point of view is the memory keeper’s daughter?

Point of View – Kim Edwards takes a strictly omnipotent perspective as an author. She is not only able to tell us the story, but she reaches into her characters’ minds to tell us what they are feeling and thinking.

Who is the protagonist in the memory keeper’s daughter?

David Henry Character Analysis. The novel’s protagonist and its most inscrutable, complex character, David Henry is haunted by a past full of poverty, grief, and loss when he makes the painful decision to send away his newborn daughter Phoebe—who has been born with Down syndrome.


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