What is the order of Sarah Dessen books?

  • Order of Publication: That Summer. Someone Like You. Keeping the Moon.
  • Colby: Along for the Ride. Keeping the Moon.
  • Lakeview: That Summer. Someone Like You.
  • To Read about: Music, read Just Listen. Giving up a stuffy library job for chaos in the kitchen, read The Truth About Forever.

Are any of Sarah Dessens books series?

Does along for the ride have a sequel?

Along for the Ride 2 Cast – We expect the main cast to return in Along for the Ride 2, including: Emma Pasarow as Auden. Belmont Cameli as Eli. Kate Bosworth as Heidi.

What age are Sarah Dessen books for?

Just Read It! – Girls will empathize with Annabel and hopefully learn something from her story. I would strongly recommend this and other books by Sarah Dessen to girls ages 14 and up.

What happened with Sarah Dessen?

Sarah Dessen, a writer, has apologized for a tweet that prompted the harassment of a 2017 Northern State University graduate. “With a platform and a following, I have a responsibility to be aware of what I put out there,” the renowned author of young adult novels wrote from her verified Twitter account on Friday.

Where are Sarah Dessen novels set?

You Want to Move to North Carolina – Specifically, the fictional town of Colby, home to plenty of beaches, boys, and protagonists of Sarah Dessen novels. Three of the author’s books have been set in the little town (which is based on Emerald Isle, N.C.), and the familiarity hasn’t made it seem any less magical.

How are Sarah Dessen books connected?

Connections Between the Books – Each of her novels focuses on a different girl and her journey, but Dessen still manages to intertwine the different stories. Most of her novels are set in a few select towns. For example, Keeping the Moon, Along For the Ride, and The Moon and More are all set in the beach town of Colby.

What was books in order?

Is there a to all the boys I loved before book?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a 2014 young adult romance novel by American author Jenny Han, first published by Simon & Schuster and released on April 15, 2014.

Is there a The Summer I Turned Pretty movie?

Now, one of the queens of YA, Jenny Han, who gave us the To All the Boys trilogy which Netflix adapted into hit movies has given us another gem for adaptation called The Summer I Turned Pretty.

How many Lara Jean books are there?

Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly, Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control. There are 3 books in this series.

What is Jenny Han’s newest book?

Jenny Han’s young adult book ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty‘ is now a Prime Video series NPR’s Susan Davis speaks with actor Lola Tung and co-showrunner Jenny Han about their new Prime Video series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” about a pivotal summer in the life of one teenager.

What is the sequel to all the boys I’ve loved before?

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Which Colleen Hoover book should I start with?

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover – This is the first book I read by Colleen Hoover and it will forever be my favorite.

What age should read Verity?

Due to extremely mature content, this book is recommended for readers 18+. Sensitive topics that may be triggering to some readers include graphic death/murder, child abuse, graphic sex.

Which Colleen Hoover books are 18+?

  • Maybe Now. (Book #3 of Maybe Someday)
  • Finding Perfect. (Book #4 of Hopeless)
  • All Your Perfects. Colleen Hoover.
  • Without Merit. Colleen Hoover.
  • It Ends with Us. (Book #1 of It Ends with Us)
  • Maybe Not. (Book #2 of Maybe Someday)
  • November 9. Colleen Hoover.
  • Amor en verso (Slammed Spanish Edition) (Part of Atria Espanol)




SAINT ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen

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