What is the order of Scarpetta novels?

How many books are there of the Scarpetta series?

There are 26 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Has Patricia Cornwell stopped writing?

Patricia Cornwell moves back to Little, Brown for 26th Scarpetta novel. Patricia Cornwell is moving from HarperCollins to Little, Brown with her new Kay Scarpetta thriller Livid, which will be published in October 2022.

Will there be another Scarpetta novel?

Patricia Cornwell is bringing back Dr Kay Scarpetta for Autopsy, the 25th book in her bestselling series, for HarperCollins. HarperCollins acquired world rights and will publish the book in England across the globe, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, in autumn 2021.

What is the first Patricia Cornwell book?

Cornwell’s first book, A Time for Remembering (1983), was a biography of Ruth Graham, who had served as a surrogate mother. Cornwell, having developed what she called a “healthy respect for evil” while working for the Observer, made the focus of her second book crime.

What book comes after the Book of the Dead?

Hardcover edition
AuthorDouglas Preston Lincoln Child
Preceded byDance of Death
Followed byThe Wheel of Darkness

What was the last Scarpetta book?

Amazon.com: The Last Precinct: Scarpetta (Book 11): 9780425180631: Cornwell, Patricia: Books.

How do I read Patricia Cornwell books?

What is Patricia Cornwell’s most popular book?

  1. Cruel & Unusual (1993)
  2. The Body Farm (1994)
  3. Body of Evidence (1991)
  4. All That Remains (1992)
  5. Point of Origin (1998)
  6. Unnatural Exposure (1997)
  7. From Potter’s Field (1995)
  8. Cause of Death (1996)

Do you need to read Scarpetta novels in order?

There are currently 24 Kay Scarpetta novels, and each one focuses on a different mystery, so they can all be read as standalones.

What happened to Kay Scarpetta?

Employment: In the early novels Scarpetta works in Richmond as the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia and as a member of faculty at Virginian Medical Center (VMC). She resigns after the events of The Last Precinct, moving to Florida to become a private forensic consultant.


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