What is the order of the Slough House books?

How many episodes are there of slow horses?


Why is it called Slow House?

The workers there have been removed from active ops for one mistake or another, but can’t be/won’t be fired and continue to draw pay. Collectively, they’re known as “slow horses” and the place they’re exiled to is therefore known as “Slough (pronounced slow) House.” It’s a pun.

Will there be more Slough House novels?

There are currently seven books in the Slough House series, with an eighth coming out on 10th May 2022.

Who is Jackson Lamb?

Coming to the screen as Slow Horses, named after the first book in the espionage series, the streamer has none other than Gary Oldman taking on the role of Jackson Lamb – the irascible, unpredictable leader of a group of spies unified in the fact that they’ve all monumentally screwed up at a key point in their careers.

Is there a Slough House?

Slough House is located on London’s Aldersgate Street near the Barbican Tube station, a site Herron has described so precisely that a fan pinpointed the exact address, which was later used in location shooting for the TV series.


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Slough House – Audiobook by Mick Herron


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