What is the river between all about?

The River Between explores life in the mountains of Kenya during the early days of white settlement. Faced with a choice between an alluring new religion and their own ancestral customs, the Gikuyu people are torn between those who fear the unknown and those who see beyond it.

What is the setting of The River Between us?

We open in the first month of the Civil War, April 1861, in Grand Tower, Illinois, a tiny town on the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, an area deeply divided along Union/Confederacy lines. Into this backwoods town come Delphine and Calinda, big-city girls from New Orleans.

What are the themes in Weep Not Child?

  • Division and Conquest. Based on a turbulent period of Kenyan history that saw the slow upheaval of British colonial rule, Weep Not, Child examines the impact of cultural division.
  • Violence and Revenge.
  • Hope, Progress, and Disillusionment.
  • Pride and Honor vs.
  • Land Ownership and Power.

What happened in Chapter 1 of the river between us?

William Hutchings, and his 5-year-old twin brothers, Raymond and Earl, pile into the Ford Model T touring car and travel from St. Louis to Grand Tower, Illinois, to visit Dr. Hutchings’ family, whom Howard and his brothers have never met. Their mom isn’t too happy about it and doesn’t go.

Why did Muthoni want to be circumcised?

Muthoni speaks to this when she explains that she wants to be circumcised so that she can be “a real woman, knowing all the ways of the hills and ridges.” To Muthoni, circumcision is a marker of adulthood, but it imbues her with a certain knowledge of the Gikuyu way of life.


Themes in The River Between

The River Between Summary (Incomplete)

The River Between by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

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