What is the theme of The Prince and the Dressmaker?

Theme 1: Self-Expression. Being true to yourself is at the heart of The Prince and the Dressmaker. This theme is front and foremost with Sebastian’s dresses which play with gender expression and offer a queer element to the story. There is also Frances’ creative self-expression designing and constructing the garments.

Is The Prince and the Dressmaker LGBT?

As a queer narrative, Sebastian doesn’t have any labels—he is just a boy who enjoys wearing dresses. There is no indication that he is trans or gay, he just likes to wear dresses sometimes. He performs as both Sebastian and Lady Crystallia.

Is Prince Sebastian gender fluid?

In the book, prince Sebastian expresses feelings of being genderqueer or genderfluid, but is never explicitly labeled.

Is the Prince and the dressmaker genderfluid?

The Prince and the Dressmaker depicts brief sexual harassment, alcohol consumption, a genderfluid character being outed against their will, and the derision that follows.

Is Frances a boy in The Prince and the dressmaker?

‘The Prince and the Dressmaker’ by Jen Wang. Prince Sebastian is supposed to be looking for a princess to marry. Instead, the 16-year-old is moonlighting as the fashion icon Lady Crystallia, and he can’t tell his secret to anybody except his dressmaker, a talented girl named Frances.

What is the conflict in The Prince and the Dressmaker?

The conflict comes when Frances realizes that she cannot be someone’s secret designer forever and she wants to realize her dreams. At the same time, she doesn’t want to hurt her friend who already has his hands full with his parents.

Is The Prince and the Dressmaker middle grade?

A delightful character! Only after finishing the story, I realized that The Prince and the Dressmaker was tagged as a middle-grade book on GoodReads.

Does The Prince and the Dressmaker have romance?

Jen Wang weaves an exuberantly romantic tale of identity, young love, art, and family. A fairy tale for any age, The Prince and the Dressmaker will steal your heart.

What is the princess and the dressmaker about?

Wang’s second graphic novel, The Prince and the Dressmaker tells the story of a Prince Sebastian, who dresses as the glamorous Lady Crystallia by night, and his seamstress Frances, who befriends the prince and hopes to make her mark on the world of fashion.

Whose work does Frances admire to the point that she’s angry with Sebastian because she may not be able to meet them?

Frances gets angry when Sebastian won’t let her present her work to an important designer named Madame Aurelia, and has to pretend she’s a nameless servant to keep his secret.

How many pages does The Prince and the Dressmaker have?

Publisher:First Second
Publication date:02/13/2018
Sales rank:14,158


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