What is the troop book about?

The novel follows a troop of Boy Scouts who must deal with not only the threats posed by killer tapeworms, but also the homicidal and sociopathic tendencies of one of their own.

Where does the troop take place?

This “grim microcosm of terror and desperation haunting” (Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author) follows a scout troop on a terrifying fight for survival when they come across a mysterious—and deadly—stranger in the Canadian wilderness.

What is the turtle scene in the troop?

Far and away the most effective sequence of the whole story is when several of the starving boys take it upon themselves to kill and eat a sea turtle. This happens in parallel with the systematic self-mutilation of another character who’s convinced there’s something slippery under his skin.

What is the deep about Nick Cutter?

Nick Cutter, the pseudonymous author of The Troop, will release his second novel The Deep on January 13, 2015. In The Deep a strange disease called the ‘Gets has ravaged humanity attacking peoples’ minds forcing them to forget things until even their most basic abilities to function disappear.

What is the deep about Cutter?

A strange plague called the ‘Gets is decimating humanity on a global scale. It causes people to forget—small things at first, like where they left their keys…then the not-so-small things like how to drive, or the letters of the alphabet. Then their bodies forget how to function involuntarily…and there is no cure.


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