What is Trash by Andy Mulligan about?

It tells the tale of 3 dumpsite boys, Raphael, Gardo and Rat, who live on the trash heaps of Behala and sort through it, hoping to find anything they can sell or recycle. Their lives are rugged, poverty stricken, unadventurous. This changes when the boys find something in the trash: a bag, with a key and a wallet.

What is the message of trash by Andy Mulligan?

Andy Mulligan’s novel Trash examines themes of poverty, homelessness, corruption, waste, religion and friendship.

What is the problem in the book Trash?

Andy Mulligan’s “Trash” deals with challenging issues, including poverty and children living in third world countries. He uses setting descriptions and rich characters in this book to help the reader to understand poverty and third world countries as it helps the reader to understand the themes in the book.

How is friendship shown in Trash?

Friendship is a main theme in Trash. The two characters Raphael and Gardo are very close and have grown up together. Throughout Trash their rued ship grows stronger, not just between the but also with a boy named Rat, who they learned more about.

How is corruption shown in Trash?

Mulligan shows how people who attempt to bring corrupt politicians to justice are killed for their efforts, enabling corrupt figures like Zapanta to keep exploiting government resources for personal gain at the expense of the poor. Gabriel Olondriz, for example, is unjustly imprisoned after attempting to expose Senator

What is the setting of trash?

The novel is set in the Philippines, even though it’s an ‘un-named developing-world city’.

What are the main events in the book trash?

  • Gold is Given To Behala.
  • Jose Angelico’s Family Rest In Peace.
  • The Boys Discover Naravo City.
  • Rat Safeguards The Boys From The Police.
  • Rat (Jun -Jun)
  • Raphael & Rat Ascertain The Truth of Senator Zapanta’s Six Million Dollars.
  • Gardo Ventures to Colva Prison.
  • Raphael Being Interrogated.

How do you describe rats from the trash?

Despite being illiterate, Rat is highly intelligent, quick-witted, and light on his feet.

What happened to Senator Zapanta in trash?

Zapanta will stop at nothing to reclaim his wealth, including imprisoning Gabriel Olondriz (who attempted to expose him decades ago) and having Jose Angelico killed. Although Zapanta doesn’t directly engage with Rat, Raphael, or Gardo, he bribes the police to hunt down his fortune, putting the boys in grave danger.

Where does Andy Mulligan trash take place?

In an unnamed Third World country, in the not-so-distant future, three “dumpsite boys” make a living picking through the mountains of garbage on the outskirts of a large city.

What does Gardo learn about the numbers at the bottom of the letter?

Gabriel Olondriz calls Gardo an “angel” and he’s glad Gardo didn’t bring the letter. Olondriz quietly explains that the numbers are a simple “book-code” referring to passages in his Bible. At the crucifixion, St. John said “it is accomplished,” meaning everything that was stolen was restored.

Who is Pia Dante in the book trash?

An eight-year-old girl who is orphaned when her father, José Angelico, is killed in a police interrogation. Pia is abandoned in the city graveyard by her foster family after her father fails to show up there, but she survives because some street kids feel sorry for her and they feed her scraps of food.

What happened at the end of trash?

Gabriel dies in prison shortly after. Still being watched by the police, the boys flee their city. They decide they must find the prison guard and pay him off so they can get the Bible. Rat returns to the mission school and steals money from the safe.

What happened to Olivia trash?

Olivia is arrested by the police after her visit to the prison, but her father (who is wealthy and well-connected) sends a man from the British Embassy to negotiate for her release. Despite the risks Olivia faced, she’s ultimately glad that the boys tricked her.


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