What is Zora Neale Hurston most famous for?

One of her most popular works was Their Eyes were Watching God. The fictional story chronicled the tumultuous life of Janie Crawford. Hurston broke literary norms by focusing her work on the experience of a black woman. Hurston was not only a writer, she also dedicated her life to educating others about the arts.

What is Zora Neale Hurston most famous work?

Zora Neale Hurston was a scholar whose ethnographic research made her a pioneer writer of “folk fiction” about the black South, making her a prominent writer in the Harlem Renaissance. Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937) is her most celebrated novel.

What are some important facts about Zora Neale Hurston?

She was an accomplished anthropologist – Hurston turned heads in 1925, as she won awards for her work “Spunk” and “Color Struck” after submitting it to Opportunity magazine’s literary contest. That same year, Hurston became the first black student at Bernard College, the women’s college connected to Columbia University.

What kind of reception did Hurston receive from Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Interestingly enough, outside of the African American community, Their Eyes Were Watching God was actually pretty well received, getting rave reviews from mainstream platforms such as The New York Times (Public Reaction).

What inspired Zora Neale Hurston?

Her writing was influenced by the small town of Eatonville. Eatonville is located in central Florida. Eatonville may be a small town but it is packed with African American history and culture. After the Civil War, freed African Americans were segregated from the white community.

What challenges did Zora Neale Hurston face?

For all her accomplishments, Hurston struggled financially and personally during her final decade. She kept writing, but she had difficulty getting her work published. A few years later, Hurston had suffered several strokes and was living in the St. Lucie County Welfare Home.

What was Zora Neale Hurston known for in the 1920s?

She was a novelist, an anthropologist, a folklorist, and a leader among the Harlem Renaissance—a cultural, social and artistic migration in the 1920s and 1930s to Harlem, New York; it’s also known as the “rebirth of African American arts.” Zora was known for being humorous, having an infectious personality and being

How did Zora Neale Hurston contribute to black history?

Hurston’s novels, short stories, and plays often depicted African American life in the South. Her work in anthropology examined black folklore. Hurston influenced many writers, forever cementing her place in history as one of the foremost female writers of the 20th century.

What short stories did Zora Neale Hurston write?

  • “John Redding Goes to Sea“
  • “Mother Catherine“
  • “The Gilded Six-Bits“
  • “The Eatonville Anthology”
  • “High John de Conquer”


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