What kind of books did PG Wodehouse write?

His creations include the feather-brained Bertie Wooster and his sagacious valet, Jeeves; the immaculate and loquacious Psmith; Lord Emsworth and the Blandings Castle set; the Oldest Member, with stories about golf; and Mr Mulliner, with tall tales on subjects ranging from bibulous bishops to megalomaniac movie moguls.

Which PG Wodehouse book should I start with?

Adoration for Psmith among Wodehouse fans borders on the cultish, and for good reason (he certainly makes me swoon). Start at the beginning with Mike and Psmith in their student days. Or start with their final adventure in Leave it to Psmith (1923) and work your way backwards.

Should I read Jeeves in order?

Beginning with ”The Inimitable Jeeves’ – ‘ But it would be pedantic and unnecessary to read the stories in that order. ‘The Inimitable Jeeves’ makes an excellent introduction to the saga because no prior knowledge is required to enjoy and fully understand the stories.

What order should I read Jeeves and Wooster?

The short stories first appeared in magazine format before their publication in three volumes as The Inimitable Jeeves (1923), Carry On, Jeeves (1925) and Very Good, Jeeves (1930). Their order of appearance in these volumes differed from the original publication order, and some of the titles were changed.

Is there an order to PG Wodehouse books?

My Man Jeeves(1919)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Joy in the Morning / Jeeves in the Morning(1947)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Mating Season(1949)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Ring for Jeeves / The Return of Jeeves(1953)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

How many Jeeves books did PG Wodehouse write?

The Jeeves “canon” consists of 35 short stories and 11 novels. With minor exceptions, the short stories were written and published first (between 1915 and 1930); the novels later (between 1934 and 1974).

Is Bertie Wooster rich?

Wodehouse. An amiable English gentleman and one of the “idle rich”, Bertie appears alongside his valet, Jeeves, whose intelligence manages to save Bertie or one of his friends from numerous awkward situations.

What happened to Jeeves?

In July 2005, Ask Jeeves was acquired by IAC. In February 2006, Jeeves was removed from Ask Jeeves and the search engine rebranded to Ask.

What is PG Wodehouse famous for?

Wodehouse, in full Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, (born October 15, 1881, Guildford, Surrey, England—died February 14, 1975, Southampton, New York, U.S.), English-born comic novelist, short-story writer, lyricist, and playwright, best known as the creator of Jeeves, the supreme “gentleman’s gentleman.” He wrote more

What is the meaning of Wodehouse?

Definitions of Wodehouse. English writer known for his humorous novels and stories (1881-1975) synonyms: P. G. Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. example of: author, writer. writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)

Where did P. G. Wodehouse live after the war?

Wodehouse and his wife had trouble getting out of Germany, but eventually moved back to France, then, after the war, to New York.

Where did P. G. Wodehouse live in America?

Jeeves and Luxury – He lived briefly in English country, houses, on the French Riviera, in New York and in Hollywood.

Who wrote Jeeves and Wooster books?

P. G. Wodehouse

Why are butlers named Jeeves?

Jeeves’s name is used as a synonym for a personal manservant. A “Jeeves” is a generic term for a model valet or butler according to the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It can mean a “resourceful helper” according to the Encarta World English Dictionary.


My recommendations for Books by PG Wodehouse

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