What level of reading is The Graveyard Book?

The Graveyard Book
Genres:Thriller and Suspense, Fantasy, Mystery
Topics:Monsters, Mythical Creatures & Ghosts, Scary!

What age should read The Graveyard Book?

The novel is aimed at 8 – 11 year olds, but the gruesome murder descriptions in the first chapter may push the age up. Parents should read that bit and then decide.

Should I read The Graveyard Book?

Good Book For All Ages – Younger children who find they are easily scared may not want to read this book until they are older, but if they seem to be fine with it, I suggest keep going. It isn’t only good for older elementary school and middle schoolers, but it lasts for all ages, from teen to adult!

What kind of book is the graveyard?

Front cover of first Adult’s Edition
AuthorNeil Gaiman
GenreChildren’s fantasy, horror fiction
PublisherHarper Collins (US) Bloomsbury (UK)
Publication date30 September 2008 (US)

What should I read after graveyard book?

  • Six Feet Over It. by Jennifer Longo. Published Jan 2016. Darkly humorous and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Jennifer Longo’s YA debut about a girl stuck living in a cemetery will change the way you look at life, death, and love.
  • Black Moon. by Kenneth Calhoun. Published Jan 2015.

Is the Graveyard Book a graphic novel?

Together, they bring Neil Gaiman’s award-winning, nationally bestselling children’s novel The Graveyard Book to new life in this gorgeously illustrated two-volume graphic novel adaptation. Volume One contains Chapter One through the Interlude, while Volume Two includes Chapter Six through the end.

What happens in the graveyard book?

Jack enters the graveyard but is taken away by a shadowy stranger named Silas. That evening, the ghosts deliberate what to do with the child. Eventually, the Lady on the Grey, who shows up for every person’s death, gives her blessing and the child is given the Freedom and the Graveyard.

What happened in chapter 2 in The Graveyard Book?

Caius says that there’s a grave here for a person who lived before the Celts. Caius points to a hill and says the person is buried inside it. He explains that 300 years after Caius’s death, someone found the entrance to the gravesite and went in, seeking treasure. He came back out with white hair.

When was Coraline written?

Front cover by Dave McKean
AuthorNeil Gaiman
Genrehorror, dark fantasy, children’s novel
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing (UK) Harper Collins (US)
Publication date2 July 2002


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