What makes Lonesome Dove so good?

Larry McMurtry spins this long story out masterfully. The first 1/3 of the novel is a slow mosey through the characters’ back stories while they’re still in Lonesome Dove, TX. There are some lighthearted moments, and it’s mostly calm, lulling the reader into a mood that soon will change.

Why is Lonesome Dove so great?

It’s the glory of the old west we’re used to seeing, but this time it has a question mark attached. Call and Gus are undeniably hero archetypes, but the very novel they star in questions their motivations and the worth of what they are doing. It’s this balance that makes Lonesome Dove a masterpiece.

Is Lonesome Dove a classic?

Bestselling winner of the 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Lonesome Dove is an American classic.

Can kids read Lonesome Dove?

Although written by Larry McMurtry for adults, this PG-13 series can also be enjoyed by teens. Lonesome Dove is still my brother’s all-time favorite book, and I’m glad he introduced it to my son too.

Where did they film Lonesome Dove?

The majority of the miniseries was filmed at the Moody Ranch located seven miles south of Del Rio, Texas. Other locations used for filming were ranches in Texas and New Mexico, and the series was shot over 90 days.

How popular was Lonesome Dove?

NBC won the period with a 16.3 rating; ABC had a 12.3. The CBS comeback in February was possible only because of the unexpectedly high ratings of ”Lonesome Dove. ” The mini-series scored a four-night rating average of 26.1, with a 39 percent share of the audience.

Is Lonesome Dove good Reddit?

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone , just a perfect story with brilliant characters and sets a benchmark for a novel of any genre.

Is Lonesome Dove sad?

You Can Actually Go Home. Get your tissues, Shmoopers, because the ending to Lonesome Dove is a sad one, and we’re not even going to pretend it’s the grit from the dusty streets of Lonesome Dove blowing into our eyes. It’s just plain tragic. The Hat Creek Cattle Company makes it to Montana more or less intact.

Is there romance in the Lonesome Dove?

Gus loves Lorena, but in a way different from the other men. The other men love Lorena and want to marry her or possess her in some other way. Gus loves her, and he wants her to be happy, even if it’s not with him.

Is Lonesome Dove a good novel?

Larry McMurtry’s “Lonesome Dove,” the epic tale of two grumpy old men rambling around rugged territory from Texas to Montana with their herd of cattle, has long been considered one of the finest novels ever written.

Is the Lonesome Dove easy to read?

It is an amazing book. At a very simplistic level, it’s the story of four former, ageing Texas Rangers who undergo a cattle drive from southern Texas to unsettled Montana in the latter half of the 1800s. But, of course, it’s much more than that.

What is John Wayne’s best movie?

  • 8) ‘Chisum’ (1970)
  • 7) ‘Hondo’ (1953)
  • 6) ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ (1962)
  • 5) ‘The Searchers’ (1956)
  • 4) ‘The Quiet Man’ (1952)
  • 3) ‘The Cowboys’ (1972)
  • 2) ‘The Shootist’ (1976)
  • 1) ‘True Grit’ (1969)

What order should I watch Lonesome Dove?

  1. Dead Man’s Walk – set in the early 1840s.
  2. Comanche Moon – set in the 1850–60s.
  3. Lonesome Dove – set in mid-to-late 1870s.
  4. Streets of Laredo – set in the early 1890s.

Does Netflix have Lonesome Dove 2021?

“Lonesome Dove,” “Return to Lonesome Dove” and “Comanche Moon: Road to Lonesome Dove” are all available on Netflix streaming.


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