What novel chapter is Solo Leveling at?

What chapter in novel does Solo Leveling end?

D&C Webtoon officially confirmed on Twitter that Chapter 179 serves as the final chapter of Solo Leveling.

What chapter does Sung Jin Woo and Cha Hae-in date?

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 will be containing a date between Hunter Jin-woo and hunter Cha Hae-In. You can read the spoilers below to find out what exactly happened.

Will Sung Jin Woo meet his father?

In Chapter 166 of Solo Leveling, Jinwoo finally meets his father who has been missing for several years.

Who is the strongest in Solo Leveling?

  1. 1 The Absolute Being.
  2. 2 Sung Jin Woo.
  3. 3 Monarch Of Shadows.
  4. 4 Monarch Of Destruction.
  5. 5 Monarch Of Frost.
  6. 6 Monarch Of Beastly Fangs.
  7. 7 Sung II Hwan.
  8. 8 Bellion.

What is the true ending of Solo Leveling?

Two years passed in the real world even though, in the dimensional gap, Jinwoo had been fighting for 27 years. It’s safe to say that not only did Jinwoo save humankind, he also saved the Rulers. If it weren’t for him, the Rulers would have found themselves put into a corner as the Monarchs grew stronger.

Is Solo Leveling Epilogue?

According to the official announcement, Solo Leveling webtoon readers will be getting the whole story, including everything from the web novel’s Epilogue: the side stories and the after stories. The novel’s Epilogue is the 21st arc of the series and spans a total of 26 chapters.

What is Sung Jin-Woo guild name?

After displaying his might on Jeju Island, and clearing an S rank gate almost on his own, Sung Jin-Woo has become renowned. With this new status, as we can see in chapter 115 of the manhwa, he has established his own guild called Ahjin.

What chapter does Sung Jin-Woo saves his sister?

In chapter 80, Jin-Woo assigned three high orc bodyguards to watch over his sister, including one of Tusk’s personal guards. After this trio just barely keeps his sister alive during a Gate Break, chapter 123 shows that he now has his strongest Shadow Warrior Beru guarding her.

What novel is Solo Leveling based on?

The manhwa “Solo leveling” is adapted from the web novel, “Only I Level Up” by Chu-gong. “Solo Leveling” is set in South Korea, in a world where portals to dungeons filled with different monsters appeared randomly. People with powers are known as “hunters” and fight in dungeons.

Is Solo Leveling from a light novel?

Solo Leveling was first released in 2016, as a web novel by the Korean artist Chugong. As is often the case with Japanese light novels, a web novel is a form of literature meant mostly or solely for the internet. Of course, a work as popular as Solo Leveling wouldn’t stop there.


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