What order do you read the Anita Blake series?

  1. Guilty Pleasures (1993)
  2. The Laughing Corpse (1994)
  3. Circus of the Damned (1995)
  4. The Lunatic Cafe (1996)
  5. Bloody Bones (1996)
  6. The Killing Dance (1997)
  7. Burnt Offerings (1998)
  8. Blue Moon (1998)

What is the reading order of the Merry Gentry series?

  • A Kiss of Shadows (2000)
  • A Caress of Twilight (2002)
  • Seduced By Moonlight (2004)
  • A Stroke of Midnight (2005)
  • Mistral’s Kiss (2006)
  • A Lick of Frost (2007)
  • Swallowing Darkness (2008)
  • Divine Misdemeanors (2009)

Is the Anita Blake series finished?

There’s no end planned.” Hamilton told I Smell Sheep that she plans to be writing Anita Blake books for a while: “I’d always seen the Anita Blake series as a mystery series which means there’s no end planned. I’ll keep writing the books as long as the readers and I are enjoying ourselves.”

Who is Edward in Anita Blake series?

Edward is a hitman and is extremely dangerous. He now specializes in assassinating supernatural targets, because humans were too easy. He particularly hunts vampires and lycanthropes, and taught Anita most of her combat skills. He is known to the monsters as Death, seemingly because he has had so many kills.

What genre is Laurell K Hamilton?

Laurell Kaye Hamilton (born February 19, 1963) is an American fantasy and romance writer, and notably the author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.

Where does Anita Blake take place?

The only part of the series she hasn’t appeared in this far is the short story Selling Houses. Anita is a young woman who lives in St. Louis. Her night job, and primary source of income, is the legal profession of re-animating the dead.

Do you have to read Anita Blake in order?

While each book contains its own overarching story and can be read as a standalone, the best way to read the Anita Blake series in order is in following the order of publication.

What book comes after guilty pleasures?

AuthorLaurell K. Hamilton
Pages266 (Ace edition)
ISBN0-441-30483-4 (Ace edition)
Followed byThe Laughing Corpse


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