What order should you read Anne Rice books?

  • Interview with the Vampire (1976)
  • The Feast of All Saints (1979)
  • Cry to Heaven (1982)
  • The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (1983)
  • Beauty’s Punishment (1984)
  • Exit to Eden (May 1, 1985)
  • Beauty’s Release (June 3, 1985)
  • The Vampire Lestat (October 31, 1985)

What order should I read Mayfair witches?

Is Queen of the Damned a sequel to Interview with a vampire?

Queen of the Damned is the sequel to “Interview with the Vampire.” Both were adapted for the big screen. Studios have been developing a new film for years now.

Is Servant of the Bones part of a series?

Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones (6 book series) Kindle Edition. Anne Rice, among the most iconic creators in horror, brings one of her richest stories to IDW in this six-part tale of murder, demonic revenge, and the redemptive power of faith.

Is The Vampire Chronicles finished?

It will have to be where Lestat is really wrestling with the existence of God in a very personal way.” That same year she produced a YouTube video in which she told her readers that she had dismissed any intentions of writing any more books in The Vampire Chronicles, calling the series “closed”.

What Anne Rice book comes after Taltos?

AuthorAnne Rice
Preceded byLasher

What is the witching hour by Anne Rice about?

An intricate tale of evil unfolds–an evil unleashed in seventeenth-century Scotland, where the first “witch,” Suzanne of the Mayfair, conjures up the spirit she names Lasher . . . a creation that spells her own destruction and torments each of her descendants in turn.

Will there be any more Anne Rice books?

Anne Rice’s third book about the mummy Ramses is scheduled for publication in February 2022. It may be the last book from this prolific, influential author.

What is the order of The Vampire Chronicles?

Which Anne Rice vampire book should I read first?

The Vampire Chronicles begins with Rice’s most popular book (and movie adaptation) Interview with the Vampire, and it is about Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman who turned into a vampire in the 18th century. The series follows Lestat and other characters, but it centers on Lestat.

Is Empire of the vampire LGBT?

There are about 4 LGBT characters (that we know of). One dies, and two are instantly exiled the moment it’s discovered that they’re gay. It’s like they only existed for Kristoff to have other characters hurl insults at them and then tell them to leave.

Who was the first vampire?

Jure Grando Alilović or Giure Grando (1579–1656) was a villager from the region of Istria (in modern-day Croatia) who may have been the first real person described as a vampire in historical records. He was referred to as a strigoi, štrigon, or štrigun, a local word for something resembling a vampire and a warlock.

Where do I start the Vampire Chronicles?

  • Interview with the Vampire.
  • The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles, Book II)
  • The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles)
  • The Tale of the Body Thief (Vampire Chronicles)
  • Memnoch the Devil (Vampire Chronicles)

How many Interview With a Vampire books are there?

Anne Rice 7 Book Set “Interview with the Vampire”, “The Vampire Lestat”, “Queen of the Damned”, “The Tale of the Body Thief”, “Memnoch the Devil”, “The Vampire Armand” and “Merrick” (Vampire Chronicles) Mass Market Paperback – January 1, 1990. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Is Interview with a vampire The first book in the series?

First edition cover
AuthorAnne Rice
PublishedMay 5, 1976
Media typePrint (hardcover, paperback)

Is there a sequel to Queen of the Damned?

First edition
AuthorAnne Rice
Followed byThe Tale of the Body Thief

How is Queen of the Damned related to Interview with a vampire?

Queen Of The Damned is the sequel to 1994’s Interview With The Vampire, based on the novel by author Anne Rice. The book was published in 1976 and finds a vampire recounting his life story to a reporter. The novel marked the first appearance of Rice’s famous vampire Lestat.

What genre is The Vampire Chronicles?

First edition
AuthorAnne Rice
SeriesThe Vampire Chronicles
GenreGothic, Horror
PublishedOctober 31, 1985

Is Interview with a vampire a series?

The fantasy mainstays are set for a comeback in Interview With the Vampire, a new AMC series based on a storied novel—one that’s already had a long life in popular culture.

Can I read Queen of the Damned first?

Read the Book#1 one first, to get a feel for her vampires, and a small introduction to them, and for her writing style. the second book is pretty much all history, but the final part of the book leads on to Book #3. In my opinion I think that you can skip Book #2, and Read Book #3.

Is Queen of the Damned a romance?

Critic Reviews for Queen of the Damned – Michael Rymer stages high-tech sequences combining gore, romance, and gothy music, and he has enough conviction to make what could have been very silly strangely provocative.

How old is Akasha the vampire?

She was born over 6,000 years ago, long before “The first pharaoh built the first pyramid.” At a young age she married Enkil, the King of Kemet (which would later become Egypt).

What did Anne Rice think of Queen of the Damned?

Rice herself was so disgusted by the film’s massacre of her work that she denounced Queen of the Damned upon its release (although she did praise the casting). The film was further haunted by production problems from its creative inception to the untimely death of Aaliyah before its release.

Is Louis in Queen of the Damned movie?

He also features in The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned, The Tale of the Body Thief, Memnoch the Devil, The Vampire Armand, Merrick, Prince Lestat and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.

Who is Akasha goddess?

Akasha is space in the Jain conception of the cosmos. Akasha is one of the six dravyas (substances) and it accommodates the other five, namely sentient beings or souls (jīva), non-sentient substance or matter (pudgala), principle of motion (dharma), the principle of rest (adharma), and the principle of time (kāla).

How did Queen Akasha become a vampire?

Amel’s deadly lust for human blood thus passed to Akasha. Akasha then took her king Enkil and passed the “Dark Gift” onto him, transforming Enkil into a vampire, and then made Khayman, who then passed it on to Mekare and Maharet.

What band played in Queen of the Damned?

On the album, those original songs are performed by Wayne Static of Static-X, David Draiman of Disturbed, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Jay Gordon of Orgy, and Marilyn Manson. Also heard are tracks from Papa Roach, Deftones, Disturbed, Static-X, Earshot, Godhead, kidneythieves, Tricky and Dry Cell.

Who turned Lestat into a vampire?

During performances, he attracts the attention of an ancient vampire named Magnus, who later abducts him and transforms him into a vampire against his will. Immediately after turning Lestat, Magnus commits suicide, leaving Lestat to fend for himself without any kind of guidance.

What happened to David at the end of Queen of the Damned?

Raglan posing as David tries to trick Lestat into making his elderly body into a vampire. As Lestat is about to give Raglan the Dark Gift, he discovers Raglan’s deception and crushes his skull, killing Raglan’s consciousness in David’s body.

How many Anne Rice books are there?

Which book comes after Queen of the Damned?

The Vampire Lestat was published in 1985, followed by The Queen Of The Damned and The Tale Of The Body Thief. In the New Tales Of The Vampires series, Rice wrote Pandora and a follow up, Vittorio The Vampire. She also penned the Lives Of The Mayfair Witches series, which included The Witching Hour, Lasher, and Tattoos.

How many Interview With a Vampire movies are there?

The now-classic film Interview With the Vampire was first released in theaters back in 1994 and starred the now-iconic actors Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Since its release, only one sequel was made, Queen of the Damned (2002), which featured none of the original cast and ended up performing abysmally at the box office.


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