What percentage of novels are read by women?

In 2021, survey data on book readers in the United States revealed that 78 percent of female respondents stated they had read or listened to at least one book in the previous 12 months.

Do women read more novels than men?

Among avid readers surveyed by the AP, the typical woman read nine books in a year, compared with only five for men. Women read more than men in all categories except for history and biography. When it comes to fiction, the gender gap is at its widest.

What is the ratio of male to female authors?

Within the “general and literary fiction” category, 75% were by female authors – 75% female-25% male appearing to be something of a golden ratio in contemporary publishing. The general consensus is that young male writers have given up on literary fiction.

Can you still make a living as a novelist?

The top 2% of authors make what might be termed as a ‘good living’ (US$100,000 per year). But the overwhelming majority, 77% of self-published authors and 54% of traditionally published authors, make less than US$1000 per year.

What is the percentage of black authors?

Representing 6.16% of Writers & authors, Black (Non-Hispanic) is the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation. This chart shows the racial and ethnic breakdown of Writers & authors.

Who gets published more men or women?

Women on average receive 10 percent fewer points per publication – despite publishing almost exactly in the same way as their male colleagues. The small differences that exist are the ones that “count” in the context of measuring research performance.

Are there more women authors than men authors?

2001 saw the highest ratio of all time: 50% women, 50% men, later dipping to 48% in 2016. This is a piece of our answer, and it’s good news. Among commercially successful authors in Shirley Jackson’s time, men outnumbered women 3 to 1.

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