What reading level is Chains book?

The quantitative measures suggest placement in the 6th-8th grade level complexity band. The qualitative measures and reader and task considerations suggest that the novel is best placed at the 6th-8th grade due its alignment with the American Revolution and American slaver, which is taught in 7th grade.

What grade level is Chains book?

Interest LevelReading LevelATOS
Grades 4 – 8Grades 3 – 125.2

What is Laurie Halse Anderson most popular books?

Best known for her groundbreaking book Speak, which has become required reading for many teenage girls, Laurie Halse Anderson is also the author of several young adult and children’s books, including Fever 1793, Catalyst, and Twisted.

How did Isabel change in chains?

Isabel is a thirteen-year-old African-American slave working under Madam Lockton, a dirty loyalist, in the novel Chains. Throughout Chains, Isabel changes from an intimated and gloomy young girl to a confident and proud young woman.

How many pages are in chains?

AuthorLaurie Halse Anderson
PublishedOctober 2008 Simon & Schuster, Atheneum
Media typeHardcover & Paperback

Who was Isabel sold to in chains?

Isabel is a 13-year-old slave girl who is sold to the Locktons before she can prove that her previous owner Miss Mary Finch promised her freedom. Under the Locktons’ control, Isabel and her sister Ruth suffer from the cruelty of Madam Lockton.

How many AR points is Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson?

ATOS Book Level:5.2
AR Points:11.0
Word Count:75475

What age is the book Chains appropriate for?

Chains is written for kids ages 10 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

What chapter does Ruth get sold in Chains?

When she confronts Becky about Ruth’s whereabouts, Becky dances around the question until Isabel finally demands an answer. It is as she fears: Madam sold Ruth the night before and has sent her to the West Indies.

What does Lady Seymour give Isabel for Christmas?

Lady Seymour gives Isabelle new leather shoes, but Madame gives her nothing. It is Christmas Day. Madame now knows that Isabel has been visiting the Bridewell prison and is not happy. Lady Seymour tries to protect Isabel by telling Madame that she had told Isabel to take food to the poor prisoners.

What does Isabel steal to help her escape New York?

Locked in the potato bin during a ball honoring Queen Charlotte’s birthday, Isabel decides to escape. She steals a pass from Lockton’s office and fills it out, declaring herself a free slave and changing her name to Isabel Gardener.

Is Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson historically accurate?

Discussion: Although this is an excellent and engaging story, and a very accurate look at what life was like during the revolutionary ferment in New York, the best part of the book for me was the Appendix. There, the author, in a question and answer format, gives the historical facts underlying the story.

Is Chains a good book?

Chains is a realistic, heartbreaking depiction of life as an enslaved person in war-torn New York in 1776. This novel pulls no punches about the price of freedom for those who are enslaved or for the American Revolutionary rebels.

What is the message of the book Chains?

Identity. The dehumanization of slavery is a central theme of the novel and so is Isabel’s quest to reclaim her identity and humanity. The Lockton’s try to erase her identity by forcing the name Sal and brutally ignoring her humanity.

What does the water pump symbolize in Chains?

The Tea Water Pump symbolizes freedom, and this is her greatest feeling of freedom. And this is her only time to meet other people.

How is Isabel brave in Chains?

In Chains, Isabel, a thirteen-year-old slave, feels fear, but manages and overcomes her fear when she takes action to fulfill her desires to become free. However, Isabel and her sister, Ruth, were sold to the malicious Locktons before reaching their lawyer.


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