What series is similar to the selection series?

  • Delirium, by Lauren Oliver.
  • Wither, by Lauren Destefano.
  • Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard.
  • Numbers Game, by Rebecca Rode.
  • The UnTied Kingdom, by Kate Johnson.
  • XVI, by Julia Karr.
  • Pawn, by Aimee Carter.
  • Chains of Gold, by Nancy Springer.

Is there a movie series for The Selection?

File this under “most anticipated”: Kiera Cass’s novel The Selection is finally getting the film adaptation fans have been begging for! According to Variety, Netflix has tapped Haifaa Al-Mansour to direct the film which will be based on the first book in the popular young adult series.

Is The Selection inappropriate?

There is VERY heavy making out and petting throughout all of these books. There is alluding to sex and sexual behavior throughout. Yes, it is done in a somewhat tasteful and clean way but it is very much there!

What comes after the selection series?

The Selection is a young adult novel by Kiera Cass first published on April 14, 2012 by HarperCollins. It is the first in a five-book series, followed by The Elite (2013), The One (2014), The Heir (2015) and The Crown (May 2016).

What year is The Selection set in?

According to the Schreave family tree, Illéa was formed in 2024. America’s Selection happened 80 years later, so in 2104. Eadlyn’s Selection happened 20 years later, so in 2124.

What happens to Aspen in The Selection?

After America was picked for the Selection, he was drafted into the army where he earned top honors in his class, and was then promoted to be a member of the Royal Guard at the palace. In The Heir, he becomes a General. He is married to Lucy.

Is the elite a continuation of The Selection?

The Elite, the sequel to Kiera Cass’ 2012 debut The Selection, hits shelves today. And fans of the series—myself included—couldn’t be happier. The trilogy follows 17-year-old America Singer as she enters the Selection, a lottery in which girls from all castes are chosen to compete for a chance to marry Prince Maxon.

Why did Maxon get whipped?

He is acting weird and seems to be in pain. They get locked in a safe room and Maxon is forced to tell America that his father had whipped him after America’s stunt on “The Report” and she cleans him up.

Is the elite the book inappropriate?

The Elite is more romantic than the first book, with mild kissing, flirting, and caressing. And there’s also more politics and violence — attacks on the palace in which people are hurt or killed, corporal punishment — as well as mean-spiritedness and backstabbing by America’s fellow contestants.


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