What should I offer a new mom?

  • Professional Photo Shoot. Photographs of a newborn baby become lifelong treasured family mementos.
  • Food Deliveries. Food of any kind will be appreciated.
  • Notes of Encouragement.
  • The Gift of Long Showers.
  • Pretty Pajamas.
  • Nursing Tops.
  • Baby & Mommy Yoga Class.
  • Date Night Certificate.

What do you get a new parent after birth?

  1. Money toward a postpartum doula.
  2. A water bottle (with reminders to drink!)
  3. A subscription to a wine delivery service.
  4. A new scarf.
  5. A tracking device for those easily lost little things.
  6. Comfy loungewear.
  7. Food delivery, dine in, or takeout gift certificate.

Do you give a gift when a baby is born?

Welcoming a new baby into the world is cause for celebration. Giving a gift is a wonderful way to share your joy, especially if you cannot see the new babe (or their parents) in person.

What do new moms need help with?

  • Organize a meal train.
  • Help with the family pet.
  • Bring her a present.
  • Ask if she needs anything from the grocery store.
  • Volunteer to do a specific household chore.
  • Babysit (or arrange a playdate) for older kids.
  • Ask to hold the baby.
  • Text her.

What moms need most?

Our most basic needs are food, clothing, shelter and love. A newborn baby has it made if she’s getting all four of those things.

How do I help a friend with a new baby?

  1. Do a socially distanced visit.
  2. Offer to keep her virtual company during an evening or early morning feeding session.
  3. Send a postpartum box.
  4. Offer to do their Target run or grocery trip for them.
  5. Send a gift card for a meal delivery service.

What new moms need from their husbands?

  • We Were Not Born Knowing How To Be Moms. Giphy.
  • We Are Worried We Will Suck At The Job. Giphy.
  • We Are Jealous Of You… Giphy.
  • We Don’t Want To Think About Dinner. Giphy.
  • We Might Not Be That Into You For A While. Giphy.

What every newborn mom needs?

  • Diapers. Newborns poop a lot.
  • A reliable breast pump. Even if you don’t anticipate heading back to an office anytime soon, you’re going to want to get yourself a breast pump right away.
  • Onesies with mittens.
  • A swaddle blanket (or three)
  • A Baby Monitor.
  • A Diaper Bag.
  • A portable changing pad.
  • A comfortable, secure carrier.

What do first time moms need the most?

  1. Heating and Cooling Pads.
  2. Nipple Cream.
  3. Nursing Bra or Tank that Makes You Feel Good.
  4. A Really Delicious Tea.
  5. Nursing Pads.
  6. Sitz Bath or Herbal Bath Soak.
  7. A Water Bottle You Love Enough to Keep with You at ALL Times.
  8. Baby Carrier.

What should you not buy for a baby?

  • Crib bumper and bedding. Yes, they’re cute but even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says these are a no-no.
  • Changing table.
  • Shoes and booties.
  • Newborn clothes.
  • Baby blankets.
  • Infant bathtub.
  • Bottle sterilizer.
  • Baby food processor.

What advice can you give to a new mom?

Trust your instincts and don’t judge yourself through social media. Do not be hard on yourself or get discouraged if you fail. If you fall down, get back up, and try something else,” she adds.


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