What should I read after the bridgerton series?

  1. 1 The Pink Carnation Series by Lauren Willig.
  2. The Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas.
  3. The Survivor’s Club series by Mary Balogh.
  4. To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters.
  5. A League of Extraordinary Women Series by Evie Dunmore.
  6. Anything Else By Julia Quinn (not a real book title)

What book should I read after Bridgerton?

The Survivor’s Club series by Mary Balogh – The Survivor’s Club series follows a group of close friends who are bound together by their hared pasts. Similar to the Bridgerton series, readers will get to meet and interact with characters throughout all of the books.

Is it OK to read the Bridgerton books out of order?

Keeping track of the family is easier if you read them in order, but really each story is self-contained. The worst you find out is things like who a brother or sister married in a previous book. Jacquilynne Yes, and this book in particular will spoil a bit of an underlying mystery in the earlier books. Susan Ross No.

Will there be another Bridgerton season?

Bridgerton will have a third and fourth season. – In April 2021, Shondaland TV, Shonda Rhimes’s production company, tweeted a special message from the show’s omniscient narrator and gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. “Esteemed members of the Ton,” the letter read. “It seems we have a rather special announcement.

What type of literature is Bridgerton?

Bridgerton is a series of eight Regency romance novels written by Julia Quinn. Released from 2000 to 2006, it follows the eight siblings of the noble Bridgerton family as they navigate London high society in search of love, adventure and happiness.


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