What type of novel Frankenstein is?

Frankenstein is a Gothic novel in that it employs mystery, secrecy, and unsettling psychology to tell the story of Victor Frankenstein’s doomed monster.

Why Frankenstein is a gothic novel?

Gothics are defined by the mysterious and horrific atmosphere, similar to that of Mary Shelley’s writing. Frankenstein is a gothic novel because of the combined elements of extreme and sinister landscapes, horrifying events, supernatural elements, and a passionate, wilful villain.

Why is Mary Shelley gothic?

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein implements many elements of the gothic genre in order to enhance her horror story. The two elements that animate this genre within the text the most are isolation of characters and the dark, gloomy settings where they are isolated.

What is the theme of Frankenstein?

The novel, Frankenstein, highlights the theme of individual responsibility as well as social responsibility. Victor’s ambitious project of the creation of a new life reflects the lack of realization of the individual responsibility and the lack of government control.

What are gothic elements in Frankenstein?

Its prominent elements are supernatural incidents, scientific danger, persecution, distorted human beings, the sublime and terror.

Is Frankenstein a fantasy novel?

In spite of its spooky provenance, Frankenstein has been called the mother of the modern science fiction fantasy by Brian W. Aldiss, one of the genre’s most celebrated practitioners, and with good reason.

Is Frankenstein supernatural?

NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL IN THE TWO TEXTS. Several aspects make Frankenstein’s creature unnatural and other attributes render it supernatural. Though consisting of natural parts and intended as a ‘human being’ (Shelley 31), the so called monster is ‘unearthly in his ugliness’ (153).

How is Frankenstein a gothic and romantic novel?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a perfect combination of Goth and Romance to make an unforgettable story. Gothic novels generally have some type of mystery and include the supernatural.


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