What was Bret Easton Ellis first book?

Less Than Zero is the debut novel of Bret Easton Ellis, published in 1985. It was his first published effort, released when he was 21 years old and still a student at Bennington College.

Are The Rules of Attraction and American Psycho connected?

American Psycho & Rules Of Attraction – The leads from both films are actually brothers, despite the two never appearing onscreen together. Released two years apart, American Psycho and Rules of Attraction were both based on Bret Easton Ellis novels, though one certainly struck a more indelible chord with audiences.

Is there a sequel to American Psycho book?

He narrates a chapter of the novel and returns as the main character of Ellis’s follow-up novel, American Psycho, in which it is revealed that he is a psychopathic serial killer.

How did Bret Easton Ellis come up with American Psycho?

And then I ask myself, “Why am I feeling this way?” Less Than Zero had to with the fact that I was living in New York, American Psycho stemmed from my figuring out why I was still so angry with my father Being in love in college, dealing with celebrity, all of these things usually form the basis of a novel.

What does Bret Easton Ellis think of American Psycho 2?

For the author, the book and the movie are two separate beasts, and thankfully he also felt “none of these movies has blotted out the book for the reader.” It’s great that Ellis feels this way because “American Psycho 2” would be enough to make any writer feel enraged over what Hollywood chose to do with their original


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